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About Jack Goodall

As a Junior Staff Writer, Jack is involved in writing and maintaining a bunch of hardware guides & reviews. With an interest in PC gaming, he now focuses on writing about monitors, headsets, and more.

Jack has been interested in gaming from an early age, starting off with a mixture of PC gaming in the early 2000s and console gaming growing up. Particularly interested in competitive genres such as FPS and fighting games, he now almost exclusively plays on PC ever since being able to get a decent gaming rig of his own. He has too many hours on Dota 2 and is particularly interested in esports and competitive gaming overall.
PC gaming plays a big part in many of Jack's interests. He's played a bunch of different competitive games but now tends to play more of a variety of different genres with friends. He is also interested in game development, with level design for a bunch of different games being a hobby for many years now. Aside from those, he also has an interest in football (much like most of his family) and hiking.
Level 3 Apprenticeship: Game Design
A Levels: English Language, Media Studies, Photography
AS Levels: Film Studies

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