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Kena: Bridge of Spirits optimization – best graphics settings on low-end hardware

Check out our optimization guide to Kena Bridge of Spirits.

Updated: Sep 24, 2021 4:33 pm
Kena: Bridge of Spirits optimization – best graphics settings on low-end hardware

We benchmarked Kena: Bridge of Spirits on launch day, and it performed fairly well, but there’s always room for improvement. With a game that looks as good as Kena, you’ll want to squeeze out as much of the game as you can without impacting the visuals. Therefore, we have created a Kena: Bridge of Spirits optimization guide, so you can get the most out of your machine while enjoying its charm.

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We tested the game using an RX 580, and in Ultra settings, we got an average of 44fps. With the custom settings we configured, we managed to increase this to around 65fps. To do so, we checked each of the settings one by one, comparing the average frame rate for each of them to Ultra settings and picking the settings that gained the most frame rate while still keeping the quality up.

Advanced graphics settings

There’s not much to change here; you just need to adjust to your own monitor and change the API if your hardware doesn’t support newer DirectX.

Basic graphics settings

Visible Rot

The first option is for Visible Rot – the adorable little buddies you collect in the game. This actually didn’t affect our performance too much, so there’s no need for you to lower it from ‘All’ unless you end up with too many of them towards the end of the game.

Screen percentage

This is for resolution scaling, so leave it on 100 to keep set to your native resolution.

FPS limit

Put to ‘unlimited’ unless you experience stuttering after changing your settings. If you do, then you could try limiting it to 60.

Depth of field and motion blur

These are camera effects and don’t have any effect on performance so it’s down to personal taste. We don’t like them and have them turned off.

Volumetric fog

Set volumetric fog to Medium and do the same with ambient occlusion and post-process quality – they all have a major effect on your average frame rate but don’t make much difference to the visuals.


We turned these down to High from Ultra and switched Foliage to Medium.


The final option is for shadows, which has a great effect on frame rate. Setting this to Medium gives the best all-around option. The difference between the highest and lowest settings here is around 15fps.


Using these settings gave us an increase of 21fps, up to 65 from 44. That’s a 48% increase in performance without losing much visual quality. Kena is a beautiful looking game, so keeping the visual quality as high as possible is important. We hope you enjoyed this Kena Bridge of Spirits optimization guide. If you liked the benchmark, why not follow WePC benchmarks on youtube to see how all the hottest games run better?

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