FIFA 22 System Requirements

We Discuss The System Requirements For Fifa 22 And The Best Gaming PCs To Play The Game On

WEPC FIFA 22 system requirements

Can I Run Fifa 22 On My Computer?

Fifa 22 is will be available on PC as well as all the major consoles. The official minimum and recommended system requirements have yet to be released, but we do know that it is designed to be playable on the older gen PS4 and Xbox One consoles, so if you have a moderately powerful gaming PC you should have no problem running it with decent FPS. Below we listed the best current estimates for the game’s system requirements. These are subject to change as more information on the game comes out.

If you don’t know how to find the specifications of your current PC to check against these requirements, have a look through our how to look up your PC specs guide. If it turns out your current machine doesn’t have what it takes, have a look at the PC builds we have listed at the bottom of this page for different budget levels.

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Fifa 22 Release Date & Game Details

Another year and another installment of the long-running soccer/football game. The next FIFA promises more of the same core gameplay as previous iterations, but with tweaks and improvements as well as expanded career mode options and better online multiplayer functionality.


Fifa 22 System Requirements

As a stated, the below are currently only estimated minimum and recommended system requirements and are subject to change prior to the release of the official system requirements.

Fifa 22 Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU : AMD Athlon X4 880K @4GHz / Intel Core i3-6100 @3.7GHz, or equivalent
  • RAM : 8GB RAM
  • GPU / Video Card : AMD Radeon HD 7850 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, or equivalent
  • Storage : 50GB HDD
  • Operating System : Windows 10 (64-bit OS required)

Fifa 22 Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU : AMD FX 8150 @3.6GHz / Intel Core i5-3550 @3.40GHz, or equivalent
  • RAM : 8GB RAM
  • GPU / Video Card : AMD Radeon R9 270x / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670, or equivalent
  • Storage : 50GB SSD
  • Operating System : Windows 10 (64-bit OS required)

What Gaming PC Do We Recommend To Play Fifa 22?

Fifa 22 should be playable on a $600 self-build PC at 1080p on the lowest settings, but if you fancy turning the settings up to the max a $1,000 self-build will be required to get good FPS at 1080p resolution, a $1,500 self-build PC for 1440p and a $2,000 build for 4K gaming.

Building a PC isn’t for everyone of course, if you are one of those people, a pre-builds for under $800 will run Fifa 22 on low settings at 1080p without a problem. Higher graphical settings will need more juice though, and a $1,000 pre-built PC will be needed for those higher presets at 1080p, a $1,500 pre-build for 1440p, and a $2,000 pre-build is recommended for playing at 4K.

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