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Black Friday electric blanket deals – save a TOASTY 15% on Amazon

Updated: Nov 25, 2022 1:43 pm

With winter now very much here in some countries, there’s never been a more important time to wrap up warm and feel cozy. Plus, sometimes you just want to feel extra snug.

That’s why we’ve found this incredible electric blanket that can be yours for 15% off. For those looking to invest in an electric blanket for the first time, you need to plug it in, which generates heat.

Electric blankets are generally safe to use under or over a duvet, with many – including the model we mention here – having safety features to avoid overheating. They are viable alternatives to heating the entire room of a house or for those wanting that extra bit of comfort.

This stunning blanket from Sunny Heat features temperature control, allowing for 4 heating levels simply via a button (range: 86-107℉) for desired warmth. You can snap it up here. To stop things getting hot, and the save electricity, the blanket shuts down after 10 hours of continuous use.

Thanks to its fast heating function, you can stay warm against the cold weather in a very short time.


Coming in at 72 * 84 inches, the blanket is large enough to cover most beds, while the lengthy 14.5 feet power cord allows you to use it in the bedroom, living room, and office as you like. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to heat the entire house and just stay warm in one location.

The electric blanket is machine washable after the controller is detachable – so you’ll be able to protect from bacteria build up and odor.

Finally, the blanket boasts ETL certification, and to stop things getting too hot (and the save electricity), it shuts down after 10 hours of continuous use.

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