Best Budget Gaming PC

You don’t have to break the bank to build your dream PC. Our budget builds mean you can be up and running with your very own gaming PC without spending the big bucks

Why Build Your Own Cheap Gaming PC?

The main reason why most people look to build their own cheap gaming PC is it gives them the freedom to choose, prioritize, and customize the hardware that goes into their PC. 

The alternative is to go out and buy a prebuilt gaming PC – with all the components already chosen and very little wiggle room in terms of customization. 

On the flipside, a custom-built gaming PC allows you to hand pick the hardware you want to use and still remain under budget. 

How Much Does A Cheap Gaming PC Cost?

There’s obviously a lot of speculation surrounding the cost of a cheap gaming PC – mainly because everyone values their cash differently. However, for me, when referencing cheap gaming PCs, I like to stick between the $300 and $600 price spectrum. 

We’re going to take a closer look at the four main categories that make up the cheap gaming PC price spectrum and exactly what they offer.

$300 Gaming PC

The $300 gaming PC lies at the lower end of the price spectrum and caters to gamers restricted to the lowest possible budget. This is about as cheap as you can get if you’re looking to build a PC for gaming. 

At this price, we find an APU at the heart of the build. Unlike higher price ranges, the APU is entry-level and utilizes Vega onboard graphics from AMD. 

Despite this being the cheapest CPU/GPU combination on today’s market, it still provides some gaming performance for lesser-intensive gaming titles.

$400 Gaming PC

With $100 more wiggle room to play with, PC builders aren’t going to have a ton of additional cash to splash on better hardware. You’ll still won’t be able to afford a standalone CPU and GPU, but you will be able to accommodate the best APU on the market. Alongside greater processing and graphics, a $400 budget will allow you to get a slightly better SSD and an improved case too.

$500 Gaming PC

At $500 we reach a price range that allows us to equip a build with a standalone CPU and GPU combination. In terms of gaming performance, the $500 price range offers a great deal more performance when compared against the $300-$400 alternatives. You can pretty much guarantee 60FPS+ in most older competitive gaming titles like Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, and LOL.

$600 Gaming PC

The $600 price range is what I class as the “entering into mid-range” budget. At this price, you won’t be restrained to budgetary restrictions when it comes to choosing a half decent CPU and GPU combo. Whilst this is still a cheap gaming PC to some individuals, it shows a very clear performance gap between itself and the $300-$400 builds. 

You’ll be able to afford a great case, good CPU and GPU combo, and a healthy SSD storage solution. The fundamental factors for any great gaming PC.

What To Prioritize In A Cheap Gaming PC?

If you’re new to PC building, it can be a tricky process getting the best bang for your buck out of the components you choose. Unlike high-end builds which give you the freedom to choose whatever components you want, a cheap gaming PC is much less forgiving. You must prioritize and sacrifice key hardware components to ensure you stay within your budgetary limits. 

Below, we’ve listed the hardware you should definitely prioritize when building a cheap PC for gaming: