Cyberpunk 2077 Hits the Million Player Mark On Steam

It seems we know what most of the world's gamers are up to currently

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It’s no surprise that the game that actually brought Steam and GOG to their knees on launch has soared away with all manner of records since its launch just a few hours ago.

According to SteamDB there were over 1 million players of CD Projeckt Red’s eagerly awaited Magnum Opus.

The last number, bearing in mind a lot of the planet is still in the middle of the night, was just under 800,000 concurrent players.

When you take into account there will be gamers playing via GOG and on consoles which aren’t included in those numbers, it is an incredible achievement and also highlights that the several delays the game went through have not affected its performance in the slightest.

Also incredibly as well is that people needed to download a huge 40GB patch on Day 1 as well, plus potentially the new NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers which means there was a fair chunk of downloading time involved before even taking to the streets of Night City.

Steam being Steam though means that not everybody will ever be happy. From 17,000+ reviews at the moment the game currently has a Mostly Positive rating (71%). A read-through of many of the negatives however mostly lead to conclusions of lower performance than expected, which was always going to be down to people’s hardware, and also the fact that the game will simply not be for everybody.

It will be interesting to see how these reviews smooth out once all the crank reviews balance out with people who have actually put real-time into the game.