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Amazon Prime day sound bar deals

Looking to enhance your audio? Check out these Amazon Prime day sound bar deals

Updated: Jul 12, 2022 2:49 pm
Amazon Prime day sound bar deals

A sound bar is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of upping the audio quality of your entertainment setup. They are simple to set up, look great, and generally take up very little additional space.

They also cost far, far less than a full-on surround sound speaker setup. That’s before the deals too, so this Amazon Prime day, you’ll be able to save a pretty penny and then some. Let’s have a look at the best Amazon Prime Day sound bar deals available right now.

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Save 20% on the Samsung HW-S50B all-in-one sound bar

Samsung has been a market leader for audiovisual equipment for decades now. The Korean technology giant has made more monitors, TVs, and sound bars than anyone else.

This means when we see a discount available on a Samsung found bar, we want in. and 20% is pretty significant for a brand as premium as Samsung, so we are very interested in this one.

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The primary benefit of a sound bar is its simplicity and elegance. The Samsung HW-S50B is no exception as it’s got one of the most understated designs out there, and the great looks hide some very capable hardware within.

While the HW-S50B is technically only 3.0ch, Samsung’s utilization of Dolby Digital 5.1 means that it creates a successful illusion of a 4-speaker, 1-subwoofer sound-sound setup.

Yes, it won’t be as realistic, but for the person who doesn’t have $$$$ to spend, or wants to keep their space a bit more minimalist, this is a great choice.

Save 47% on the Samsung 2.1ch A550 sound bar

For those of you who want a little more thump to your Amazon Prime day soundbar deals, why not add a dedicated subwoofer?

The A550 Features a similar array of speakers to the previous sound bar, but this time, you are provided a wireless subwoofer too.

Subwoofers create bass and only bass, which is fantastic for enhancing immersion, and giving the sound a wider, more 3D feeling to it.

Additionally, the wireless nature of the subwoofer means that you can be more flexible with the positioning of the soundbar. This makes it far more likely to smoothly integrate with your existing content consumption setup

Save $200 on the LG 3.1ch sound bar with the Best Buy ‘Black Friday in July’ deals

Yes indeed, Best Buy has started a Summer sales period too. They’ve also managed to provide larger discounts than Amazon in many cases. The LG 3.1ch sound bar is a great example of this as it’s not only a quality sound bar, but it comes with a wireless subwoofer too.

Additionally, LG’s Meridian Audio Technology means that you can expand this setup without additional wires. This means that you can further enhance your audio experience down the road with additional satellites, tweeters, or any other type of LG speaker.

Even if this doesn’t become the case, you can still benefit from this Amazon Prime Day soundbar deal as It’s a fantastic standalone audio solution, especially given the dire state of built-in TV speakers these days.

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