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Save $100 on the ASUS TUF 31.5-inch 165hz curved gaming monitor early Christmas deals

A great deal on this ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021 4:01 pm
asus tuf gaming monitor

One of the benefits of monitor technology constantly evolving and improving is that features that were extortionately expensive and elitist seemingly moments ago continue to become more accessible at a truly surprising rate. The range of ASUS TUF gaming monitors is a particularly good example of this, some of them featuring curved panels, high refresh rates, and big resolutions, all for a pretty low price. That is where today’s deal comes in. $100 off an ASUS TUF gaming monitor packed with features unbecoming of the price

Save $100 on this ASUS TUF gaming monitor at Best buy early Christmas deals

So, why do we like this deal so much? The answer is fairly simple but requires some extrapolation. In short, this ASUS TUF gaming monitor is feature-packed, for a disproportionately low cost, especially with the $100 discount. Let’s get into the features and explain why this is a great purchase this Christmas.

First up is the 165Hz refresh rate. Given that it’s currently a fairly broad consensus that higher refresh rates do improve competitive gaming performance, It’s fast becoming a must-have feature for those of you who like to have every competitive edge possible. In a similar vein, the 1ms response time is also a big deal, making sure that you are given the most up-to-date visual information so you don’t miss a thing in the heat of battle.

The trend of curved screens is more popular than ever at this point and for good reason. It helps with both immersion and can partially mitigate the effects of poor viewing angles. Both of which are huge benefits for gaming, both competitively and casually. The immersion aspect is particularly nice for story-driven games as it draws you in and makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

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