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Airpods Pro Black Friday deal: Save now on Apple’s noise canceling earbuds

Professional grade noise canceling on the cheap.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 5:55 pm
Airpods Pro Black Friday deal: Save now on Apple’s noise canceling earbuds

Looking for the best AirPods Pro Black Friday deal? We’ve got you covered with what we think are some of the best Apple Airpods Pro deals this Black Friday shopping season. With everyone and their mothers buying the AirPods Pro for their ease of use across the Apple Ecosystem thanks to the smart pairing on the device. You can pair the AirPods Pro easily to your phone, laptop TV, and more. Though, for the slick pairing experience, you will still want to make sure that you are using something that can take advantage of the H1 chip.

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We’ve collated our list of the best AirPods Pro deals that we can find on the internet right now, you can save a bundle ahead of Black Friday, and we expect the AirPods Pro to come down to some of their lowest-ever prices, with rumors abound of a new version releasing at the tail end of 2022. With that said, this is still the highest-end true wireless earbuds that Apple currently sells, meaning that you’re still in for a treat, and with an excellent form-factor that doesn’t make them constantly fall out of your ears (unlike the AirPods 2 and AirPods 3 models), you can rely on AirPods Pro to be able to take you through a full working day, with additional support for functions such as spatial audio and much more at your fingertips.

Some of the functions that the AirPods Pro provides are nothing short of wizardry when taking into account their form factor. While you can’t manually tune their EQ, Apple has come on to a winner when it comes to creating a pair of earphones that both look and feel great to listen to, no matter what genre of music you might enjoy. Sadly, this is not the case for many wireless earbuds, who generally substitute a more even soundstage for one where bass-boosting is all that matters, which is absolute hogwash, and a practice that more companies need to nip in the bud, as a heavily bass-boosed earphone can lead to almost everything else getting washed out. This is only generally the case with cheaper brands of earbuds, so be sure to keep your wits about you when you are looking for a pair of earbuds. It’s why we recommend the AirPods Pro. Not only do they have all of the cutting-edge technology that you are bound to want, but you will also have safety in knowing that their soundstage is also somewhat balanced, and sounds pretty clear regardless of their lack of an EQ.

How much are AirPods Pro on Black Friday?

Originally retailing for $249.99, the AirPods Pro is not a cheap earbud, it is in direct contention with solutions such as the Sony WF-1000XM4, meaning that what you are paying for is the form-factor and ease of use if you’re an avid Apple user. With that said, we expect to see the AirPods Pro to drop in price to around $159 this Black Friday. We’ve already seen some deals go live that tips the AirPods Pro at the $180 mark, so we’re expecting this to drop even further. Though, we don’t expect to see it much cheaper due to the price point of the AirPods 3, which are a little bit more expensive than their older AirPods 2 counterparts. Regardless, you still have to pay for the sheer amount of technology that they are managing to pack into this little bundle.

Is now a good time to buy AirPods Pro?

Now is the perfect time to buy AirPods Pro, as you will be able to not only capitalise on the fact that the AirPods Pro is now older, the release of the AirPods 3 means that now that this stock has aged, Apple and retailers will now be looking to clear out some of their old stock, meaning that you could see the lowest-ever prices on a pair of Apple AirPods pro today, so do not miss out on getting the best AirPods Pro Black Friday 2021 deals, as you will be sure to miss out when the new model releases in around 12 months time according to the current rumors. While they are certainly not cheap, you will still be able to find some of the best AirPods Pro deals right now this Black Friday.

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