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Black Friday Apple HomeKit deals 2023

An indepth look at the best Apple HomeKit black friday deals in 2022

Updated: Oct 12, 2023 5:07 pm
Black Friday Apple HomeKit deals 2023

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Black Friday Apple HomeKit deals are the perfect opportunity to save on the features of your new Apple smart home system. Black Friday is on November 25th this year, and we’ll be updating this page regularly to bring you only the biggest Apple Homekit deals throughout November!

The Apple HomeKit is a great smart home ecosystem for anyone already heavily invested in Apple’s line of products. Even if you’re not all that tech savvy, Homekit is a pretty intuitive system when it comes to having all of your smart home products at your fingertips. Even better, there is a huge array of different devices that work with Homekit, from doorbells and speakers, all the way down to sprinklers. You can basically control every aspect of your home if you’ve got the money to do it.

With bills going up this winter we know a lot of people will be feeling the pinch when it comes to cash, but with Black Friday you have the perfect chance to get your hands on this awesome tech without breaking the bank.

Black Friday is the perfect time to invest in Apple Homekit as you’ll be able to grab products at some of the most reduced prices of the year, and with the holidays just around the corner, the savings to be made are all the more appealing.


Ahead of the new product reveals, we’ve seen some great deals on Amazon appear for many of the previous-gen products.

Best Apple HomeKit deals 2023 

There’s no better time to shop for some deals on great Apple Homekit products than in the run up to the Black Friday period. That being said, there will still be offers available between now and then for those that don’t want to wait, some of them as good as the deals you’ll get towards the end of November. We’ll be compiling the very best of these in a shortlist below, as they appear.

Where to find the best Apple HomeKit Black Friday deals?

All the big name electronic retailers that sell Apple products will be selling Apple HomeKits this Black Friday period, and we expect most of them to have deals running over the Noember period. The one major exception to this is the Apple store itself, which doesn’t tend to get involved in Black Friday sales unfortunately.

Apple HomeKit Black Friday sales shortlist:

  • Amazon Apple HomeKit Black Friday deals now live
  • Newegg Apple HomeKit Black Friday sales
  • ebuyer Black Friday deals on Apple HomeKits 2023
  • Currys Apple HomeKit Black Friday offers available
  • Best Buy Apple HomeKit Black Friday deals

Black Friday Apple HomeKit deals

US US Deals
UK UK Deals
Canada Canada Deals
More Deals Coming Soon!

When will Apple HomeKit Black Friday sales start in 2024?

Each year the big retailers seek to outdo each other on running the earliest Black Friday sales, and we expect this year to be no different. Although there’s no guarantee when we’ll see Apple HomeKit Black Friday sales go live, we may see the first Black Friday deals on other products appear as early as October even, with early November deals pretty much guaranteed.

How to get the best Black Friday Apple HomeKit deals in 2024?

The most surefire way to get the best Black Friday Apple HomeKit deals in 2024 is to keep this page bookmarked and refresh it as we get closer to the Black Friday weekend. Finding the best deals means putting in the work to trawl through every page and compared offers from all the different retailers. Fortunately we’re here to do all that work for you! So just sit back and have a browse through the offers we list on this page.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday Apple HomeKit deal

There is a huge array of different products and brands on sale that are compatible with Apple Homekit. There are some great devices with unique features like the Eve Thermo, a radiator valve-based smart thermostat that can be set to react to your presence as well as Siri or your Homekit app. There are LED light strips like the Koogeek LS1, which is a flexible light strip you can place anywhere in the home and can fully control the color and brightness with your voice or app.

One of the most interested, but expensive, Homekit devices is the Brilliant Smart Home Controller. This smart light switch is actually more like a complete control pad for all of your smart home devices, so it gives you a second backup way of controlling everything whenever you can’t find your phone. The downside is that it’s quite an expensive device, but that also means it will likely see one of the biggest discounts. In last year’s Black Friday sales, similar devices were discounted by up to $100, so with any luck, the Smart Home Controller could hit a pretty reasonable price this year. 

Is Apple Homekit the right smart home system for you?

Apple is a name synonymous with quality and reliability so whether you’re looking for an easy way to control things like heating and lighting, which are especially important with rising energy bills, or wanting to improve the security of your home, Apple’s Homekit has you covered.

Homekit offers an incredibly intuitive smart home system especially if you’re already an Apple user. Homekit can be seamlessly controlled right from your smartphone or other smart device through a variety of apps and can even be used in conjunction with Siri.

There are of course some serious competitors to Apple in the smart home department, namely Amazon, Google, and SmartThings, all of which offer their own benefit but with so many of us already owning iPhones and being familiar with Apple’s products, it just makes sense to invest in a system where you’re not starting from scratch.

Black Friday Apple HomeKit FAQs

Is a HomeKit hub necessary?

A HomeKit hub is required is you want to control the devices within your HomeKit ecosystem whilst you’re away from home, share control with others, or if you want to automate them.

Is Apple Home the same as HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit is the name of the software that links together all of your eligable Apple devices in a smart home system. It’s essentially the tech that runs in the background to enable it to work. Apple Home however is the name of the application you use on your iPhone/iPad/Mac in order to manage the Apple HomeKit smart home system.

Why should I buy Apple Homekit this Black Friday?

Black Friday this year will offer some of the greatest saving of the year on Apple Homekit products making it the perfect time to invest in your smart home system.

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