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Black Friday iPhone deals 2022

The best iPhone Black Friday deals, from the older gens to the latest iPhone 14 range

Updated: Sep 23, 2022 1:44 pm
Black Friday iPhone deals 2022

If you are looking for the best Black Friday iPhone deals and Cyber Monday deals in 2022, then your search is over my friend.

We’ve assembled this handy article with everything you need to know and the best deals to look out for. With Black Friday drawing ever closer, we’ll soon see an oncoming deluge of delicious deals that you’ll be able to dig into and devour with all of the hard-earned cash that you’ve saved up over the year. Of course, one of the most anticipated deals that everyone is looking out for will be with Apple’s global bestseller, the iPhone.

With the Cupertino-based giant having recently updated their entire line of iPhones with the newly-released iPhone 14 lineup, we’re likely to see some moderate Black Friday deals on these newer devices, but bigger savings on older models like the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 lineups. Read on for massive savings!

Best iPhone deals 2022

We’ll be listing all the best iPhone deals of 2022 right here, whether they’re technically Black Friday deals or not. We’ll be continuously updating this shortlist with the best of the best offers for those who just want a quick click and buy, between now and the end of November, so make sure you keep clicking back to see what’s new.

Where to find the best iPhone Black Friday deals?

Any online retailer that sells mobile phones will almost certainly be flogging iPhones this Black Friday 2022. We’re likely to see the newer iPhone 14 variants, the iPhone 13 range, and in some cases the iPhone 12 line, though the deals on the iPhone 14s may be somewhat limited.

Apple themselves don’t get involved in Black Friday sales, so there’s little point in checking out the Apple store for iPhone deals. The below represents a shortlist of some of the retailers we expect to see iPhone Black Friday deals from this year.

iPhone Black Friday sales shortlist:

Last year’s Black Friday iPhone deals

US US Deals
UK UK Deals
Canada Canada Deals

Apple iPhone XS, US Version, 256GB, Space Gray, Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple iPhone XR, US Version, 128GB, Blue, Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256GB, Midnight Green, Unlocked (Renewed Premium)

Apple iPhone 11, 64GB, Red, Unlocked (Renewed Premium)

Apple iPhone 12 Mini, 128GB, Black, Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

(Refurbished) Apple iPhone 8 Plus, US Version, 64GB, Space Gray – Unlocked

Apple iPhone 11 Pro, US Version, 256GB, Space Gray – Unlocked (Renewed)

Apple iPhone 13 Pro 128GB Sierra Blue

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB – Gold

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When will iPhone Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Although Black Friday itself is on November 25th, you can actually expect to see early Black Friday starting to crop up from early in November. This is due to a scramble from retailers to get the best deals in early and stretch the Black Friday period over a longer period of time, and instilling FOMO into consumers in order to get them to purchase high-ticket items earlier. We may even see some October Black Friday deals this year! This of course includes the iPhone, which we expect will be floating around for the duration of November, so be sure to keep checking throughout the month as some early deals can on occasion be better than other Black Friday deals that you will see on the day.

How to get the best Black Friday iPhone deals in 2022?

As stated, you’re unlikely to see particularly big reductions on the iPhone 14 range on Black Friday 2022, seeing as it’s only just come out. The ways you might be able to secure decent savings are either by committing to a fixed contract with a telecom provider, or by trading in an older device for a discount, assuming the retailer offers this. iPhone 13s and iPhone 12s will have substantially higher reductions across the range.

Make sure that whatever you do, you don’t fall into the common trap of seeing an amazing Black Friday deal, only to have yourself being scammed because the site you chose to buy from wasn’t reputable. If you’ve never heard of them and it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We will be rounding up all of the best Black Friday iPhone deals right on this page closer to Black Friday, so make sure that you don’t lose out and get yourself bookmarked on this page to come back later to see exactly what the best Black Friday pages are and then you will be able to see exactly how much you could save.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday iPhone deal

Below are the specifications of the standard variants of the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 range to give you an idea of the differences between them

iPhone 14iPhone 13iPhone 12
Screen size6.1″ 6.1″ 6.1″
Display type60Hz, 2532×1170, 460 ppi OLED (Super Retina XDR)60Hz, 2532×1170, 460 ppi OLED (Super Retina XDR)60Hz, 2532×1170, 460 ppi OLED (Super Retina XDR)
ChipApple A15 Bionic (6‑core CPU: 2 p-cores & 4 e-cores, 5‑core GPU, 16‑core neural engine)Apple A15 Bionic (6‑core CPU: 2 p-cores & 4 e-cores, 4‑core GPU, 16‑core neural engine)Apple A14 Bionic (6‑core CPU: 2 p-cores & 4 e-cores, 4‑core GPU, 16‑core neural engine)
Storage options128GB, 256GB, 512GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Camerastwo 12MP (one 26mm Wide, one 13mm Ultra Wide)two 12MP (one 26mm Wide, one 13mm Ultra Wide)two 12MP (one 26mm Wide, one 13mm Ultra Wide)
ColorsBlack, white, blue, purple, and product redMidnight, starlight, blue, pink, and product redBlack, white, blue, green, and product red

Black Friday iPhone FAQs

Is Apple part of Black Friday?

Apple themselves do sometimes do deals on older generation iPhones via trade-ins with other devices.

Generally though, the majority of Black Friday iPhone deals, and those on other Apple products, will be listed by other retailers.

Will phone contracts be cheaper on Black Friday?

Phone contracts are usually cheaper on Black Friday, and they’re a great way to get the best iPhone handset deals if you don’t mind committing to a fixed contract with a particular provider.

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