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Apple Black Friday 2021 deals under $500

Looking to treat yourself with something new from Apple?

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 5:50 pm
Apple Black Friday 2021 deals under $500

Looking for the best Apple Black Friday 2021 deals under $500? We’ve covered everything you need to know right here. If you’re an Apple fan who also loves a good deal, then you shouldn’t sleep on some of the great discounts being offered on Apple products for Black Friday 2021. From their top-tier phone tech to wearables and even some of the interest personal computers they’ve designed over the past few years, all of it is going to see some huge discounts. Whether you’re searching for something to show off while you’re out and about, or a fancy piece of tech to use at home, you’re going to find something in Apple’s lineup that will get your motor running this November. 

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What to expect Apple Black Friday Deal Under $500 ?

One of the hottest items to look out for this November is probably going to be the new Apple Watch Series 7 that was announced at their October conference. In previous years, it’s not been unusual to see brand-new products from the company with a discount of at least $60, so with that in mind, these new watches will almost certainly be a complete steal. 

Similarly, Mac minis with smaller storage space will also probably see a decent discount. Last year after the new M1 versions were announced the discounts were relatively minor, seeing between $30-60 dropped off the price. This year, after many other products have proven the worth of the M1 and improved on the initial range, the chances are that those products will see an even bigger discount. 

What Apple Deals Under $500 will there be on Black Friday 2021? 

Apple’s huge range of products starts to open up a little more at the $500 price point. Chances are we’ll be seeing a lot of Apple Watches, older generation iPhones, and possibly even some Macbooks and iMacs that are a few years out-of-date. Don’t be too shocked if we start to see the M1 Mac Minis creep into, or at least very near, this price range. Check out all the deals listed below. 

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