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Black Friday ASUS PG48UQ Deals 2022

Although Black Friday is still months away, we’re already seeing deals for the ASUS PG48UQ appearing all around the web.

Updated: Sep 28, 2022 3:48 pm

Monitor Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are pretty irresistible when you consider the amount of money you could save on ROG’s brilliant new ASUS PG48UQ monitor.

The ASUS PG48UQ monitor is just the sort of purchase that’s going to leave you feeling smug when everything shoots back up to its usual price after the sales period is over.

With the ASUS PG48UQ, you can look forward to a crystal clear, immersive gaming experience or else crack on with your work in a whole new way. You’re in the right place to snag some sneaky deals before the bulk of the Black Friday chaos descends.

Best ASUS PG48UQ deals 2022

Though we’re fast approaching the holiday season, the big day that we know as Black Friday doesn’t come until November 25th. That doesn’t mean that we’re not expecting to see a ton of juicy deals coming our way for the ASUS PG48UQ monitor. In fact, we’ve already gathered some of the best current Black Friday deals for the ASUS PG48UQ that our tech team could find across the web.

Where to find the best ASUS PG48UQ Black Friday deals?

Checking out the current deals we’ve listed on this page is a surefire way to find the best ASUS PG48UQ Black Friday deals.

With our tech team putting in the leg work to bring you the best current deals around the clock, checking back on this page regularly is the best way to survey all the deals that are on offer right now for the ROG Swift ASUS PG48UQ monitor.

Black Friday ASUS PG48UQ deals: Retailer shortlist

Black Friday ASUS PG48UQ deals

If you’re keen to get your hands on the best current Black Friday ASUS PG48UQ deals all in one place, we will give you exactly that. We’ve searched high and low across the web to bring you the biggest Black Friday deals.

When will ASUS PG48UQ Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Tech retailers usually like to begin offering bargains in the weeks and sometimes months before November 25th due to the competitive nature between shoppers this time of year. Expect to see all sorts of sales popping up in the coming weeks.

The biggest tech retailers are likely to push Black Friday Deals, particularly in the early weeks of November to up the sales for the holiday season.

Also remember that with stock levels hitting an all-time low this year, deals may come and go with speed as tech retailers can only offer them ‘while stocks last. To avoid disappointment this Black Friday, go with your gut and bag yourself that absolute bargain!

How to get the best Black Friday ASUS PG48UQ deals in 2022?

Like we’ve said before, make sure you get the best Black Friday ASUS PG48UQ deals by taking advantage of our tech team’s dedication to updating this page with the current deals on offer.

It’s suspected that as sales increase during this busy time of year that a lot of deals will last for a limited time only which is why we can make the whole process of securing your brand new ASUS PG48UQ monitor relatively stress-free.

We can also help if you’d like to be pointed in the right direction to do some research yourself. We recommend checking out Amazon’s daily deals page and heading over to Best Buy which turns over a lot of stock meaning there are always lots of new deals to find.

Ultimately though, finding and securing the best deal will require patience and a spot of savviness. Don’t hesitate to snag a big discount deal because it’s likely that it won’t be around for long.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday ASUS PG48UQ deal

What ports does the ASUS PG48UQ have?

The ASUS PG48UQ has extensive connectivity options that include: DisplayPort 1.4 with Display Stream Compression (DSC), HDMI 2.1, HDMI 2.0, a USB hub, and a tripod socket on the top of the monitor. These ports will probably have you covered if you’re wanting to plug this into your game console as well.

Refresh Rates

There’s nothing more frustrating than a persistent lag time when you’re gaming. However, The ASUS PG48UQ boasts a max refresh rate of 138Hz which can be turned on manually.

Expect a 0.1ms response time of this monitor, making it the ideal choice for pro gaming ambitions.


Built for extensive gaming, the ASUS PG48UQ is fitted with a custom heatsink at the back to reduce temperatures during a long gaming session. Its fanless design also keeps the display quiet.

Black Friday ASUS PG48UQ FAQs

Here are some of the common FAQs we get about the ASUS PG48UQ.

How much will the ASUS PG48UQ be discounted by this Black Friday?

It’s hard to predict exactly what tech retailers are planning, but we could expect to see up to 50% off in some of the biggest sales. Most monitors will probably be reduced by 10-15%, meaning you could still save over $220. As we’ve said before, make sure you jump on any good-looking deals before somebody else does for you!

Do I need a 32inch monitor for gaming?

It depends on what kind of gaming experience you’re after. The bigger the monitor, the more immersive your gaming experience can be. That being said if it’s a cheaper model, the lag time and resolution might be more disappointing on a larger display. I would say that playing on a monitor 27inches and above, especially with 4k resolution is more than ideal.

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