Save $180 on Beats by Dr Dre Beats Studio Wireless Headphones Cyber Monday 2021 weekend

Don't you forget about Dre this Black Friday at Best Buy

Save 180 on Beats by Dr Dre Best Buy Black Friday

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Black Friday 2021 is here, and one of the product categories with huge sales is the headphones category. There are plenty of deals in the space, featuring a variety of earbuds, headphones, gaming headsets and more. There’s certainly a lot to choose from this year. However, one company has put on a major discount, and that is Beats by Dr Dre.

Save $180 on Beats by Dr Dre at Best Buy

The doctor of rap has an xxplosive deal on the Beats by Dr Dre lineup. You can grab yourself the usual pair of Beats by Dr Dre – Beats Studio³ Wireless headphones, albeit with a $180 discount on top of the usual RRP. Out of all the deals we at WePC have seen this Cyber Monday week(which is a lot), this is one of the only Black Friday & Cyber Monday Weekend Deals that made our jaws drop:

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Beats by Dr Dre Studio 3 Wireless Headphones – Best Buy

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$180 off

If you’re feeling it, you can get a premium brand wireless headset for half price. The eats by Dr Dre Beats Studio Wireless Headphones Black Friday deal comes with noise-cancelling technology, a carrying case, and 22 hours of battery life. Not to mention it is capable of taking incoming calls while you’re on the go, along with modifiable volume switches and a mute function for when you don’t want your mic picking up any noise at all.

Also, it appears that Best Buy is running a great deal on at the minute. Buying this Dr Dre Beats Studio Wireless Headphones Black Friday deal comes with six free months of Apple Music, allowing you to get some great music for free, all while enjoying the sound of your Beats.

Suppose you’re super into your music while on the go; this Black Friday deal saves you a shed tonne of money, along with some great music bonuses. Overall, you’ll be taking advantage of this Best Buy Black Friday deal well into the next year.