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Save $30 on Blue Yeti microphones in early Black Friday 2021 deals

Up your streaming game with a USB microphone with $30 off

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 6:12 pm
Blue Yeti microphone early Black Friday 2021 deals

If you’re a streamer, content creator or simply game online with your friends, it could be a great idea to add a USB microphone to your gaming setup. While most gaming headsets come with quality microphones built in, there’s still no beating the sound quality of a separate mic, and it gives you a bit more free-reign on your headset choice, as well.

With Black Friday week in full swing, it’s the perfect time to check out deals on USB mics. Blue are a great brand to look into as a leading manufacturer of entry-level microphones which find the perfect balance between quality and wallet-friendly prices. Being one of their most popular models, Blue’s Yeti is of course one that has had it’s price slashed for Black Friday.

Save $30 on Blue Yeti USB condenser microphones at Crutchfield this Black Friday

Blue’s Yeti USB microphone is well-known as a popular entry-level microphone for streamers, YouTubers and gamers and is currently $30 off all three colors on Crutchfield’s website this Black Friday week. It comes with a desk stand included so is easy to set up and simply connects to your PC with a USB cable which is also included, so is easy to set up for beginners and pros alike.

While the Blue Yeti can be tilted to the perfect position in its stand, is has a side-address condenser, so you will have the best quality audio when speaking into the front of the mic, rather than the tip. However, you can then select your ideal coverage pattern of four, making this a great overall microphone for use in a number of situations. The coverage patterns available are:

  • Cardioid — one-directional, perfect for single speakers
  • Omnidirectional — will pick up sound from all over
  • Bidirectional — just picks up the front and back, for example for two speakers in a podcast
  • Stereo — uses two separate mic capsules to pick up sounds from two different directions
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