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Save 22% on Corsair Virtuoso Headset early Black Friday 2021

Hear your teamates telling you how bad you are in much clearer quality and cheaper price

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 4:10 pm
Save 22% on Corsair Virtuoso Headset early Black Friday 2021

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Best Buy has launched its early Black Friday 2021 deals and you can snag up a 22% discount on a Corsair Virtusoso wireless headset. The gaming headset features RGB lighting on it the form of the Corsair logo to truly show off your gaming status as well as being a wireless pair you can keep the sound coming and keep on chatting up to a range of 60 feet with the help of its slipstream wireless tech through its USB, or just the simplicity of 3.5mm wired if you want to use it with a wide range of devices.

Get $40 off a Corsair Virtuoso headset at Best Buy

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If you’re looking for a wireless gaming headset for yourself or as a gift then check out this Corsair Virtuoso Headset part of Best Buy’s early Black Friday 2021 deals. The Virtuoso comes with 50mm neodymium drives with a frequency range of 20-40,000Hz, giving you the range in hearing the lowest bass to the highest highs, making sure you don’t miss that crucial sound information in your games or enjoying the wide range of sounds in music and video. The drivers are also 7.1 surround sound capable, meaning you can hear the whole range of sounds from their precise origin points giving you the best advantage in gaming, or a fully immersive experience in other media. Along with their memory foam earpads conforming to your shape and size, you can be sure to not notice the headset sitting on your head for hours on end, especially with their lightweight design and adjustable band size.

The Virtuoso offers you an array of connectivity methods, the main wireless option being the slipstream wireless USB that will give you up to 60ft in range and with the frequency shift to ensure the strongest signals while you’re moving around. The next two options are for wired and you can enjoy the fidelity of USB connectivity or the choice of 3.5mm wired connection that will give you the range of choices with what you can use your headset with. You can also be sure to enjoy being able to chat with your friends and teammates with the detachable microphone, it is an omnidirectional mic with a wide dynamic range and great vocal clarity ensuring you can tell your teammates how bad they are and they will understand you clearly, it also features an RGB indicator light to let you know at a glance if it is muted or not.

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