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Save 11% on an HP Pavilion PC early Black Friday 2021 deals

Prebuilts are your best bet right now

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 4:05 pm
HP Pavilion PC early Black Friday 2021 deals

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With HP starting up their Black Friday sales you can now find some more great options for finding your next gaming PC one of which is the HP Pavilion PC, part of their early Black Friday 2021 deals. The TG01-2170m PC (a very catchy name) is very customizable. You can simply choose from the three options to what kind of level you game for different specs at ease. Or you can change out every single component so you can really choose which one best suits your needs and budget. All the options have the same $100 discount so make the most of the deal.

Get $100 off a HP Pavilion PC in HP’s early Black Friday 2021 deals

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The HP Pavilion Gaming PC is in their early Black Friday 2021 deals. A good way to actually grab yourself a decent build in the current situation. In terms of processors, you get a choice from Ryzen 5000G series CPUs, so you’ll get a good selection of how much power you need with different core amounts and speeds. Then with RAM, you’ll get a choice from DDR4-3200MHz with capacities ranging 8,16, and 32GB, which again gives you plenty of choice for your workloads. Storage options will give you choice from 256GB to 1TB SSDs as your primary and a choice of HDD extra if you require that extra space for all your stuff.

The graphics card choice is a bit sparse but quite ranging in options with 16 series GTX cards or RTX 3060 so it is an opportunity to grab yourself something at not scalper price, even though the choice is a bit limited. Being an HP prebuilt you don’t get a choice for chassis so be sure you like the funky black case with acid green logo and accents. You do get some included networking with a 2 antenna Bluetooth as well as an included keyboard and mouse. So apart from a display, you’re set up to go with this one handy purchase.

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