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Save $200 on Lenovo Yoga 6 early Black Friday deal

Yoga is terrific, and so are these savings.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 6:19 pm
Save $200 on Lenovo Yoga 6 early Black Friday deal

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This Lenovo Yoga 6 deal is not one to miss this Black Friday! Productivity laptops were the original type of laptop produced, allowing the savvy businessman to take his dealings on the go. Desktop-level computational power fit comfortably into a briefcase. No longer anchored to the office or home.

Save $200 on Lenovo Yoga 6 at Best Buy

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Don’t miss out on this fantastic Lenovo Yoga 6 deal this Black Friday, with savings of up to $200 to be had what’s not to love? Picking up this sleek and stylish little productivity machine should be a no-brainer. If you’re looking for a comfortable, light, convenient laptop to take to work, school or anywhere your heart desires. You’re in the right place.

The CPU that ships within the Lenovo Yoga 6 is a little beast in itself, the Ryzen 7 5700U. With its respectable eight hyperthreaded CPU cores to total 16 logical processors, all clocked in at a mighty 4.3GHz boost speed. You’re sure to never run into any computational limitations with this CPU in your arsenal.

The Lenovo Yoga 6 comes equipped with a very plentiful 16GB of DDR4 RAM, clocked in at a speed of 3200MHz. This is the base RAM speed recommended by AMD when running any AMD Ryzen processor (the max being 3600MHz if you’re interested) as the speed in which Ryzen CPU cores communicate is correlated directly with RAM speed.

With a storage capacity of 512GB (probably about 480GB usable) it’s more than enough for productivity and “work” files and programs, when’s the last time a word document was 108GB? Exactly, do you know what is 108GB? Forza Horizon 5 is, so it’s a good job this laptop isn’t built for gaming, isn’t it? The storage type does happen to be an NVME m.2 drive so that 512GB is very, very fast.

Some other notable features of the Yoga 6 are; the full HD 13.3-inch screen, the fact that Windows 11 Home comes pre-installed, and, surprisingly is fitted with a 2 x 1W; Dolby Atmos Speaker System. Bang out the tunes!

This Lenovo Yoga 6 deal is not one you’ll want to miss out on this Black Friday. so what are you waiting for? Let the productivity flow and treat yourself to affordable and comfortable portable power!

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