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Save $400 on LG 7.1.4 770W Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Black Friday deal

Boosting Bass while boosting your savings.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 5:50 pm
LG 770W black friday deal

Save big this Black Friday with this amazing LG 770W Soundbar deal. Be the envy of your neighbors with this 770w beast (hopefully avoiding noise complaints) and save a very sound $400 in the process. what’s not to love?

Save $400 on the LG 770W Soundbar at Best Buy

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This Black Friday LG 770W Soundbar deal is not one to be missed. LG boasts an unparalleled sound quality that rivals those of the industry giants; Samsung, BOSE, and Sony alike.

Bring out your inner audiophile this Black Friday. Bathe in the Dolby Atmos support this LG 770W soundbar brings, with its two additional rear-facing speakers deliver audio from behind you for true-to-life physical audio depth surround sound in one small bar-sized package.

This LG 770W Soundbar deal ensures a full, fleshed-out home theater experience. The Soundbar features a full 4k HDR pass-through for all your 4K HDR-enabled devices, such as a 4k Blue-ray player or streaming device.

DTS:X support means that whatever you’re listening to you’ll get fully immersive audio that will emanate how it would appear naturally, thanks to this encoder. Creating a more lifelike, multi-dimensional audio experience. Really feel like you’re immersed in whatever you may be watching or listening to.

This LG 770W Soundbar deal gets even sweeter this Black Friday when you learn that the LG 770W soundbar features full adaptive sound control that enables the LG Soundbar to automatically adjust sound level to create a well-balanced ideal audio experience.

The LG 770W Soundbar is wall mountable with the handy included wall mount and is controllable via remote control, or Google Assistant. So you never have to leave the comfort of your couch and can control any Google Assistant or google home connected devices just by yelling at your soundbar. LG are right, life really is good.

Grab this LG 770W Soundbar deal this Black Friday if you’re looking for some of the best audio in the business. LG are a really good choice here, top of my list for a soundbar purchase. Grab this amazing deal before it’s gone!

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