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Save 50% on a Linksys Hydra Router early Black Friday 2021

Link yourself up at the highest speeds with a new router

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 4:08 pm
Save 50% on a Linksys Hydra Router early Black Friday 2021

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It might seem like you don’t need another of these boxes but you’d be surprised to know what difference they can make so why not check out the Linksys Hydra Router at Best Buy in their early Black Friday 2021 sale. The Hydra provides you the new iteration of WiFi connectivity, with 6E allowing for faster wireless speeds as well as lower latencies. This will give you better performance and responsiveness to your internet. And you’ll be able to have great control of your internet with a handy app that you can make sure the bandwidth is best where you want it to be.

Get $250 off a Linksys Hydra Router at Best Buy in their Black Friday 2021 sale

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A great saving you can find at Best Buy with the Linksys Hydra Router in their early Black Friday 2021 sale. It may seem unnecessary but it is an upgrade to what you get by standard with your provided router with your broadband but does aren’t always to the best of quality. We’ve known of issues with standard routers overheating and starting to throttle, as well as having weaker signals that may not reach as far. This router has 4 antennas so you know it means business.

The Hydra provides you with 4 LAN ports and with a standard of up to 5000, meaning an opportunity to get up to 5 Gigabits per second of wired speed. Then the 6E means you could expect up to 6.6 Gigabits per second for your wireless connection. Of course, that’s providing your provider would even get that much to the router anyway. At least you’ll know you’ll be maximizing your own broadband in your home. Especially with a range of 2700 sq ft, you can be sure to have good coverage. And with 5.0 and 2.4Ghz streams you can prioritize your traffic with different signals. This will be handy with the router supporting up to 55 devices but with their app, you can make setup easy as well as prioritizing traffic.

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