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Save $100 on Portable Bluetooth Omnidirectional Speaker Black Friday 2021 deals

Need the glue to bind any social gathering together? You need good music. Whilst we can't provide you with the playlist, we can offer you the ideal speaker.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 6:04 pm
Save $100 on Portable Bluetooth Omnidirectional Speaker Black Friday 2021 deals

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The only real way to really make any kind of gathering any better, and a must-have for some, is music. Background music whilst you mingle with either friends, family or strangers. Or just music to sit back and close your eyes to. But coming across really good sounding speakers can be a bit tricky. Some places might offer you a speaker for $50, but either it doesn’t get as loud as you want it. Or the audio quality isn’t quite as smooth as you’d like.

Right, you know that feeling when you get some new earphones and you listen to a song you’ve heard hundreds of times before. But suddenly you start to hear new instruments you never noticed? That’s not something we often hear with speakers. Except for really high-end speakers. There’s honestly nothing quite musical immersion when the speakers are strong enough to make you feel the bass.

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Save $100 on Portable Bluetooth Omnidirectional Speaker at Best Buy

Granted, we can’t provide you with the music for your good vibes. But we can point you towards a pretty great speaker. Just like it says on the tin, this bad boy is omnidirectional. So meaning you won’t need to find that nook and point it towards your beautiful ears. No no, you’ll just have to slap this guy right in the middle of the room and let the sultry tunes wash over you.

If this LG XBOOM 360 Portable Bluetooth speaker isn’t what you were hoping for, or maybe it’s not in your budget. Here’s some other speakers that might fit what you want more this Black Friday.

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