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Save 70% on Planet Zoo early Black Friday 2021 deals

Relive your years of Zoo Tycooning in the modern Planet Zoo this Black Friday.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 4:41 pm
Save 70% on Planet Zoo early Black Friday 2021 deals

If you were the kid who played endless amount of Zoo Tycoon 2, and you’ve not tried Planet Zoo. Well, I’ve got news for you and a finger to wag. As a kid, teen and adult who would spend an unhealthy amount of time playing Zoo Tycoon. Making new zoos on the same map every time, and barely changing anything. Some animals would be outcast from my zoos, whilst others were a constant. I was easy to please.

Well, all of us Zoo Tycoon nuts were sorely disappointed when our childhood favourite couldn’t be found anymore. Our parents tossed the discs away long ago, and when you last checked on eBay for a copy, you found it to be way over priced. Your dreams of returning to Zoo Tycoon and hearing that ever-charming theme play were over.

Unless, of course, you downloaded a digital copy of the game. But that’s not the point I’m trying to get to. Like a beacon of hope amid the darkness, there came Planet Zoo. A game so reminiscent of Zoo Tycoon that it awoke that animal-obsessed child in all of us.

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Save 70% on Planet Zoo at CD Keys this Black Friday

At first glance, Planet Zoo has a whole lot more features than Zoo Tycoon ever did. In fact, it might even spook you away. It’s a whole lot more complicated after all. But I can promise you, once you get past the one and only hurdle, you’ll be a Zoo pro in no time. Frontier have made a fantastic successor to one of my childhood favourites and I cannot recommend it more to people like myself. Those who loved the Tycoon games. It’s score is one I will listen to on my drives home, after a stressful day I’ll go into one of my Zoos and attach the camera to one of my animals and simply watch.

So, when Planet Zoo comes on sale in Black Friday, I can’t recommend it more. If you’ve not played it, now’s the time. It’s a lovely game which is very clearly adored by its developers who constantly listen to the community and always add more to it.

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