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Save 70% on Resident Evil Village early Black Friday 2021 deals

Get yourself Resident Evil Village now for more than less than half the price this Black Friday.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 6:03 pm
Black Friday Resident Evil Village

The Resident Evil games sure seem to be regaining their popularity. After Resident Evil VII, the franchise kind of resurfaced in people’s minds. Biohazard was such a fantastic horror game and a return to the classic Resident Evil experience. It’s no surprise that Resident Evil Village was already in the works shortly after Biohazard and, if anything, was even more widely adored than Village was. The new Resident Evil games feature such a loveable, although dastardly, cast of characters. It’s hard not to love the, even if they’re hunting you down and hopping to rip your guts out.

After all, it’s not all games that warrant such a huge fanbase from their trailer alone. Some of you may remember the public’s very loud adoration of Madame Demitresque upon first glance. The nine foot vampiric giantess stole the hearts of many, proving to all designers out there just how much gamers want to be stepped on by large beautiful women. And then a further collective scream was heard when we all met the Boris the Animal lookalike Karl Heisenberg.

All in all, this game garnered quite the fanbase. And I will whole heartedly admit I’m just like them.

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Save 70% on Resident Evil Village at CD Keys

So if you never got the chance to play through REVIII, then now might be the time. CD Keys is hosting a very nice sale for the PC game, taking a whole 70% off the retail price.

If you’re a Resident Evil fan, or even if you’re just a horror fan who’s never played a Resident Evil game before, this is an excellent choice for late-night spooky gaming. Let us know in the comments what you think of it once you’ve played!

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