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Get $400 off the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 platinum early Black Friday deal

The deals are SURFACING on Microsoft products.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 2:44 pm
Get $400 off the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 platinum early Black Friday deal

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Microsoft has been making physical products for a little under a decade now. Yes, that’s right! They don’t just make Windows you know. Turn any surface into a powerful workstation with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 in platinum – for the extra added bling.

Save $400 on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 deal at Best Buy

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This Microsoft Surface Pro 7 deal is not one to be missed this Black Friday. Surf the web in style with the Surface Pro 7 packed with a plethora of features to aid business owners, artists, and entrepreneurs. Whatever you may be there’s a Surface Pro 7 configuration for you, and in a color you’ll love, I’ll bet.

The processor or CPU contained in this Surface Pro 7 is not one to be laughed at. It’s a top laptop spec Intel Core i7 10th generation (depending on your configuration) so you’ll definitely have no issue with raw computational power, opting for this Surface Pro 7 deal this Black Friday.

The Surface Pro 7 also has a very generous helping of DDR4 RAM installed, 16GB to be exact. Clocked in at a speed of 3200MHz it’s plenty fast enough to support your 10th Generation Intel i7 processor. RAM speed does matter a little less on the Intel platform compared to AMD. But it’s definitely still nice to have.

Microsoft was kind enough to bestow a 1TB SSD onto the Surface Pro 7. That should be plenty enough for any on-the-go work or projects, music, a few videos. The Surface Pro 7 is not a gaming machine, so it’s unlikely you’ll be loading any AAA titles onto it. However, storage is expandable with MicroSD and MicroSDXC expansion slots.

This Surface Pro 7 deal is one to grab this Black Friday. It’s an incredible value incredibly valuable machine and will probably increase the productivity of your endeavors tenfold if you’re currently hammering out work on an old clunker. Check it out, I doubt you’ll regret it.

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