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Save 20% on a Twinkly Smart light early Black Friday 2021

Control the rainbow with your phone or voice

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 4:05 pm
Twinkly Smart light early Black Friday 2021

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Embrace the RGB with this Twinkly Smart light in an early Black Friday 2021 sale at Best Buy. The bundle contains 600 lights and so with the wireless tech in dongle included you can light up anything like a Christmas tree wirelessly with some home assistants like Google Amazon Alexa or even some voice assistants. So why not have all the power at your fingertips without the need to stand up to turn your rainbow on or off.

Get $50 off a Twinkly Smart lights at Best Buy

*Prices are subject to change

Find a great deal at Best Buy with the Twinkly Smart light in their early Black Friday 2021 sale. You can now decorate whatever you may want with the whole array of LED bulbs. You’ll have full control of the smart lights with an app that will allow you to control the rows of LEDs individually, giving you full customization. Using their app and built-in AR you can find each bulb individually so you know what to expect and more carefully craft your design with the lights. It’s advance enough to even produce pixel-perfect animations on your display, either creating them with their FX wizard or using their pre-made effects.

The provided dongle is noise sensitive and will synchronize the lights to your music source allowing you to experience immersion into your audio. And with their switches and dimmer options in their app as well as that many color options you can truly customize your experience. You’ll be able to use these lights either outside or in as well so you can truly show off or not but do it with style. If you find the app a bit too much you can also use vocal assistants for even more ease of use. You’ll also be surprised to learn that they are Razer Chroma RGB compatible so you can use this with your setup to experience great immersion with reactive lighting in your environment too.

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