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Black Friday F1 2022 Deals 2022

Speed and innovation in the new entry grab some discounted F1 2022 deals this Black Friday

Updated: Sep 30, 2022 3:51 pm
Black Friday F1 2022 Deals 2022

F1 2022 will be a big part of 2022’s Black Friday sale.

The game is gorgeous and offers a lot of immersion. Great for any F1 fan, but not only for them.

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F1 2022 is the newest installment in the F1 franchise.

Hey, check out what we have in store for you below!

Top F1 2022 Black Friday Deals

F1 2022 was released on July 1, 2022. It had some minor updates since that time and is going to be quite the treat for any F1 fan when Black Friday starts.

However, there are a lot more games, not only racing ones but all kinds. You can see some of these gaming deals right here:

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F1 2022 Gaming PC Black Friday Deals

If you want to enjoy F1 2022 to its fullest potential you might need a beefy PC. The game offers support to RTX (Rey Traced Reflections).

Because of that, you might want to invest some money into upgrading your gaming PC. But do not worry, we have just collected some offers to make the hunt easier for you.

Where to Find the Best F1 2022 Black Friday Deals

If you want to purchase F1 2022 on PC digitally, make sure to visit Steam and their Black Friday sale when it launches. However, if you prefer playing on console, visit PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5, or Microsoft Store for Xbox One X/S and Xbox Series X/S.

You can also visit your local retail stores for some discounts on the physical versions of the game. We also prepared a list of some of the best sellers in the game right here, to make the sales quest even easier.

F1 2022 Black Friday Sales Shortlist

Why Buy F1 2022 This Black Friday?

F1 2022 is unique in what it offers. There is no other game that offers that amount of immersion to the real sport. The game also has a lot of accessibility features.

The graphics look really good, and there are a lot of small details like changing tires, you can play throughout the whole season. There is also MyTeam mode where you create and manage your own F1 team.

The game is very new so grabbing it at a discount is a treat for any fan of F1. It is the most polished F1 game to date.

When Will F1 2022 Black Friday Sales Start?

F1 2022 along with all the other games will be on discount when Black Friday starts. It is going to take place on the last Friday of November. November 25, 2022, is the exact date.

In addition to the day itself, many companies are doing whole Black Weeks around Black Friday, or even Black Month throughout the whole of November. Make sure to check WePC for all the latest Black Friday deals.

Other Black Friday Video Game Deals in 2022

But enough with F1 2022. There are also plenty of other games on discount, so here are only a few of the best Black Friday 2022 deals we have for you.

F1 2022 Black Friday Deals FAQs

Will F1 2022 Have a Black Friday Sale?

Most likely yes. It is one of the best simulation racing games, and it will make its presence felt on Black Friday 2022.

Are F1 2022 Deals Any Good?

Yes. It is a recent release, and getting a discount on the best F1 simulator is always a good deal.

And if you are still not satisfied with what we have shown you, here are some of the greatest gaming deals ever. From sports games to FPS, or strategy games. Something for everyone.

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