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Gaming Controller Black Friday deals 2022

Make the most of this Black Friday to bag yourself a new gaming controller!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022 2:32 pm
Best Black Friday Gaming Controller Deals

The best Black Friday gaming controller deals are ideal if you need a second or even third controller for gaming nights or family holiday meet-ups. Whether you play on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, controllers will feature heavily this November, with options for all budgets. A year into the new next-gen consoles’ lifecycle. This year’s Black Friday is when we’re likely to see the lowest prices yet on their respective controllers.

Best Gaming Controller deals 2022

Discounts on PlayStation and Xbox controllers are always par for the course during Black Friday. In recent years, we’ve seen savings on controllers like the Xbox Elite Series 2 and Sony’s ever-reliable DualShock 4.

We also won’t be surprised to see price cut options on third-party controllers. Corsair-owned Scuff pumps out some of the best non-official controllers for PlayStation and Xbox out there. Some even sport extras such as underside fully adjustable triggers/paddles, on-the-fly button remapping, and plenty of customizable accessories like interchangeable thumbsticks. Razer and Nacon stand beside Scuf as third-party manufacturers worth considering.

PlayStation’s DualSense is likely to line up as one of the most in-demand controllers, but we expect to see the most substantial markdowns on the previous-gen DualShock 4 and older Xbox One controllers.

Where to find the best Gaming Controller deals

We know that not everyone has the time it takes to be scrolling through endless pages of deals. That’s where we come in with an easy solution. With Black Friday just around the corner, we’ll be updating our lists of deals across our whole site.

You’ll find a list of the best Black Friday gaming controller deals just below. You’re likely to save big on the day itself, but more and more retailers jump in early, with deals popping up as early as mid-October, if not earlier. We’ll be sure to include any unmissable bargains for those that don’t want to wait until the end of November to grab a new controller at a bargain price.

Gaming Controller sales shortlist

We assume you’re here for deals, so take a look at the latest 2022 deals in our sales shortlist:

Last year’s Black Friday deals for Gaming Controllers

Gaming Controllers tend to stay relevant for a long time, thanks to PCs and decent amount of backwards compatibility on consoles. Make sure to take a good look at our deals from last year to see what you’re likely to see in 2022:

More Deals Coming Soon!

When will Gaming Controller Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Black Friday seems to creep up out of nowhere and we’re excited to see what’s on offer in 2022. Black Friday this year is officially placed on November 25th, followed by a weekend of sales until Cyber Monday and even further.

There’s lots more to see than just this weekend though, so there is no need to panic. In the weeks leading up to 25th November, we’ll start to see deals appearing all over online – and we aim to collect and collate all of them here for you to browse… quick and easy. Its nice to be early, so our expert team will be working on getting those deals to you as soon as possible.

How to get the best Gaming Controller deals in 2022

With so many different controllers and manufacturers out there these days, it’s easier than ever to get yourself a gaming controller deal in 2022. We’ll be on the lookout for some the best deals, so always refer back to this article when you are in need of some expert advice, we’ll point you in the right direction. Do some browsing of all the deals listed in this article, hopefully you find just what you were searching for!

Retailers big and small will be stocking at least some of the wide range of gaming controller products on the market right now, so stay informed with the best of the likes of PlayStation, Xbox and more at WePC.

What top features should I look for in Gaming Controllers?

Gaming controllers come in differing shapes and sizes. So whatever you want to get your hands on, let’s see what you need to consider:

  • Comfort is possibly one of the biggest things to think about with your gaming controller. You’ll find that all modern controllers follow very similar layouts, number of buttons and so on – but that doesn’t mean every one will suit you perfectly. If you can, do a test run among different models to see what works best for you.
  • Build quality is extremely important – especially if you are an avid gamer who needs a long-lasting durable piece of equipment. It’s worth investing in controllers of higher specifications and quality to make sure you aren’t left replacing yours again and again.
  • Compatibility & connectivity is obviously important, it’s no use buying a controller which isn’t compatible with your device! It’s become the standard to use a wireless controller for gaming – but if you’re tired of regular recharging, don’t count out wired alternatives out there on the market.

Black Friday Gaming Controller FAQs

When do Black Friday sales start in 2022?

The Black Friday Sales for 2022 start a week before November 25th, which is the day of the event itself.

Which Gaming Controller is the best to buy this Black Friday?

Firstly, you will need to figure out whether you are limited to a certain range of controllers or need an additional adapter based on the platform you will be playing. Otherwise, controllers come down to user preference. No matter what which controller you pick, you can be sure to grab a bargain this Black Friday.

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