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Black Friday Horizon Forbidden West Deals 2022

If you've been waiting to play Horizon Forbidden West then now you can grab it up for a better price this Black Friday

Updated: Sep 28, 2022 10:27 am
Black Friday Horizon Forbidden West Deals 2022

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled at this year’s Horizon Forbidden West Black Friday deals.

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated sequels of 2022.

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This is the first Black Friday since the release of Horizon Forbidden West. The best time to check out any discounts for the game.

Check out these Horizon Forbidden West Black Friday offers.

Top Horizon Forbidden West Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2022 is the time with some of the best deals in the whole year when it comes to gaming. You can get discounts on some of the biggest titles like Horizon Forbidden West.

This PlayStation exclusive is a great pickup on Black Friday. We are here to help you all out in finding only the best deals for the game.

Check Out These Great Gaming Deals:

Horizon Forbidden West Console Black Friday Deals

This PlayStation exclusive is only available for the Sony consoles. There are also a lot of discounts when it comes to hardware.

If you ever wanted to play Horizon Forbidden West or even the first game in the series Horizon Zero Dawn, this might be the best time to get yourself a PS4 or a PS5.

Where to Find the Best Horizon Forbidden West Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2022 is likely going to be the biggest deals event in the past few years. Previously there were stock shortages on some hardware and not so many great games due to the delays.

This year, we have a lot of first-time titles like Horizon Forbidden West and the possibility of getting both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on Black Friday sales.

There are a lot of companies doing both online and local Black Friday sales. To help you out, we gathered some of the best places for Black Friday 2022.

Horizon Forbidden West Black Friday Sales Shortlist

Why Buy Horizon Forbidden West This Black Friday?

Horizon Forbidden West is in the Black Friday sales pool for the first time, since the game got released in February this year.

Because of that, it is simply the best time to get the newest Horizon game in the franchise for the least amount of money.

If you are lucky you can also hunt down the bundle of the new PlayStation 5 console with Horizon Forbidden West, or a bundle with both games in the series. If such deals come through we’ll make sure to put them in this article.

When Will Horizon Forbidden West Black Friday Sales Start?

In the year 2022, Black Friday starts on November 25. It will bring us tons and tons of discounts and deals on some of the best video games.

Many companies also start their sales sooner, like Black Week or Black Month so keep your eyes open for Black Friday Deals from the beginning of November. You might hunt down some early deals!

Other Black Friday Video Game Deals in 2022

Horizon Forbidden West isn’t the only game on sale. There are plenty of other titles that are noteworthy. Everything from sports games like FIFA to shooters like Call of Duty. Check out some of these great titles:

US Deals
UK Deals
Canada Deals
Worldwide Deals
*Prices are subject to change
Editor’s pick

Roblox $50 card – 4500 Robux GLOBAL

hot deal
Discounted code!
Editor’s pick

FIFA 22 – Xbox Series X

hot deal
43% Off
Editor’s pick

Dragon Age Inquisition PC

hot deal
-99% off
Editor’s pick

Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition PC + Bonus

hot deal
29% off
Editor’s pick

Middle-Earth Shadow of War Definitive Edition PC

hot deal
93% off

Horizon Forbidden West Black Friday FAQs

Will Horizon Forbidden West Have A Black Friday Sale?

Most likely, yes. It is the first Black Friday since the game was released so it is only logical to put your greatest game in the series on sale.

Are Horizon Forbidden West Deals Any Good?

Yes. It is one of the best PlayStation exclusives available, especially for the PS5. It is worth playing through the story of Aloy, especially at a discount.

If you are still interested in even more Black Friday deals, see some of our other Black Friday 2022 deals pages. They are stacked with awesome games!

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