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Black Friday LG 48GQ900 deals 2022

Black Friday LG 48GQ900 deals have begun, so get a deal on one one of the best gaming monitors out there

Updated: Nov 21, 2022 1:14 pm

The Black Friday LG 48GQ900 deals are going to be particularly competitive this year, not only in terms of savings and retailers but because LG is going toe-to-toe with the Asus PG42UQ with the 48GQ900.

This means that both Asus and LG will be battling to sell you their best gaming monitors, which is good news as it means they’ll have to offer very enticing discounts to win you over.

With the holidays just around the corner we know money can be tight, but with the deals to be had in this year’s Black Friday sales November 25th promises to be the perfect day to get a bargain on that monitor upgrade you’ve been planning for ages.

If you’re worried about being late to the party, fear not. As in years gone by, Black Friday will be closely followed by Cyber Monday on November 28th which is sure to mean many deals will still be available come Monday.

So, let’s have a look at the best Black Friday LG 48GQ900 deals of 2022, and maybe even some early discounts. how cheeky is that eh?

Best LG 48GQ900 deals in 2022

While Black Friday is yet to properly begin, there are always chances to sneak a discount here and there, so let’s have a look at what LG is offering already.

Where to find the best LG 48GQ900 deals in 2022

As mentioned, gaming monitors are a super competitive product category, which means that retailers the world over will be offering tasty discounts across all their monitors to grab your cash, Here are our favorites for big deals.

Black Friday LG 48GQ900 shortlist

Last year’s gaming monitor deals

More Deals Coming Soon!

When will the LG 48GQ900 deals start?

They’ve already started, dear reader. Eager to jump the gun and grab the cash, retailers are already cutting prices under the radar. Classic clandestine capitalists.

Our links further up the page will help you find them.

How to get the best Black Friday LG 48GQ900 deals in 2022?

All the biggest retailers, like Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg will be offering Black Friday LG 48GQ900 deals, so flip between them all and find the best price.

Black Friday LG 48GQ900 deals FAQs

Are LG gaming monitors good?

Yes. Unsurprisingly, the Korean TV giant has successfully transferred its expertise in TVs to gaming monitors, so now LG competes with the best of the best in gaming display technology.

Will LG be doing gaming monitor discounts on Black Friday?

Yes. LG is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, and we’re willing to bet that gaming monitors make up a not-insignificant amount of their profits. This means that they’d be fools to leave everything at full price during the most profitable sales period of the year.

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