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Black Friday LG OLED TV deals 2022

Wanting an OLED TV this year? Check out these Black Friday deals!

Updated: Nov 25, 2022 3:25 pm
Black Friday LG OLED TV deals 2022

We’ve arrived at Black Friday, and to celebrate, we’re bringing you some of the best LG OLED TV deals of 2022. If you’re in the market for an upgrade to your home entertainment system, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here at WePC, we’ve been working extra hard to scope out the very best deals on LG OLED TVs the internet has to offer, rounding them all up in one place for you.

If you’re keen for a brand new OLED TV, you might want to take a look at some of the deals on LG TVs floating around this Black Friday. Like other high-end tech brands Samsung and Sony, LG have been around for some time, and they’ve not rested in terms of innovation, constantly working to bring the latest technology to the consumer market since producing the first 60” LCD in the late 90s. In terms of quality, they’re a company that can be relied on, hence we’re expecting OLED 4K TVs to be a big seller yet again this year.

We’ll be updating this page with all the very best deals on LG OLED TVs, so stay tuned if you don’t want to miss out. You can do this by keeping us bookmarked or just checking back regularly!

Top 3 Black Friday LG OLED TV deals

10% Off

LG 55-Inch Class OLED Objet Collection Posé Series Smart TV

6% Off

LG 48-Inch Class OLED Objet Collection Posé Series Smart TV

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To this day, LG have some of the best, industry-leading features on OLED TVs. So you can be sure you’re going to get a high-quality, cutting-edge product this Black Friday. With so much to choose from in their extensive range of OLED displays, finding LG deals should be a piece of cake. Continue reading to make sure you bag a deal from the OLED specialists themselves in 2022.

Best LG OLED TV deals 2022

As Black Friday 2022 has well and truly arrived, this is the best time for you to scout out for the best LG OLED TV deals this year, whether you’re wanting some cheap or expensive, there’s something for everyone and their different budgets. We’ll help you sort through the authentic and best Black Friday LG OLED TV deals.

Where to find the best LG OLED TV Black Friday deals?

Your best bet to finding the best LG OLED TV Black Friday deals will depend on your location, but some of the best places to check out will be the typical retailers that are popular in your country. Whether that be Amazon or Best Buy, it’s also worth checking out the official websites for these LG TVs in order to buy straight from the source.

LG OLED TV Black Friday sales shortlist:

Black Friday LG OLED TV deals

When it comes to LG OLED TV deals, we usually see great things during Black Friday. We’ve seen insane discounts on some of the company’s greatest products. To get yourself the best Black Friday LG OLED TV deals, keep us bookmarked and we’ll gather all the best deals in one place, making it all the easier for you to find.

US US Deals
UK UK Deals
Canada Canada Deals
10% Off

LG 55-Inch Class OLED Objet Collection Posé Series Smart TV

6% Off

LG 48-Inch Class OLED Objet Collection Posé Series Smart TV

7% Off

LG C2 77-Inch Class OLED evo Gallery Edition Smart TV, 2022

Save $200

48″ C1 Smart OLED 4K UHD TV with HDR

Save $300

48″ A1 Smart OLED 4K UHD TV with HDR

Save $200

55″ A1 Smart OLED 4K UHD TV with HDR

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When will LG OLED TV Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Black Friday officially takes place on November 25th, closely followed by Cyber Monday on the 28th. Despite that, it’s important to keep in mind that many retailers start their Black Friday deals earlier than that – up to a couple of weeks (or more!) prior to the 25th. That’s exactly why we prepare extra early each year, because we really don’t want to be late to those very first sales.

Moving forward, this page is going to be stocked full of the best deals for that LG OLED TV you may have not known you needed. On the flip side, if you’ve been waiting a while to secure a new premium TV, you’ve waited until exactly the best time of year. Make sure you take advantage of the greatest deals once Black Friday is in full swing.

Is it worth waiting until Black Friday LG OLED TV sales start?

At this time of year, this is an easy question to answer. Since we’re practically on the doorstep of Black Friday, there’s no reason not to wait – even if you only have the time to check out those initial early deals. There are going to be some fantastic LG OLED TV deals showing up in 2022, especially if previous years are anything to go by. We tend to see Black Friday getting better every time it comes around.

With that said, make sure you stick with us. This page right here is ready to be stocked up even further with all those relevant deals. Our team will be busy on the hunt for every single sale and discount out there for the biggest sales event of the calendar year.

Does LG have many Black Friday deals this year?

We would say yes, absolutely! We started seeing sales on LG products, including their fantastic range of TVs, very early on in the run up to November. We were here to catch those deals and were able to cover every single one for those early birds among you. Despite being early deals, LG products were having their prices slashed a decent amount. Now that we’ve finally arrived in November, the deals can only get better – and the prices lower and lower.

Now that we have a good backlog of top LG OLED TV deals, moving forward we’re going to be doing more of same. Expect the biggest deals to drop very soon. You’ll be able to enjoy discounts from the biggest retailers, who look to make the most of the festive season.

How to get the best Black Friday LG OLED TV deals in 2022?

To make sure you get the best Black Friday LG OLED TV deals this year, don’t restrict your deal searches to just one retailer. Although Amazon might be convenient, there are dozens of other websites and retailers that might be offering far better deals. Don’t feel pressured into buying one because of a limited-time deal either, Black Friday in particular might take place on a single date, but a lot of places will have their November sales last a whole week, giving you plenty of time to consider which deal is the best for you.

Just in case you have no idea on where to start, luckily you’ve found yourself in the correct place. We want to act like a hub towards all of the best deals this holiday season. Let us take away a lot of the stress involved and save you a shed load of time on your hunt for that Black Friday LG OLED TV deal.

How good will Black Friday LG OLED TV deals be this year?

At WePC, we’ve experienced our fair share of Black Fridays, year in and year out. Despite this, it’s always hard to predict how exactly deals will shape up when they aren’t all yet available for us to examine. We always look at current market trends to get a grasp on the best course of action, with our experienced deals team always researching the latest, especially so in the run up to Black Friday.

OLED TVs have been experiencing a popularity increase for a while now – and last year we saw some brilliant deals on LG OLED TVs, all of which you can check out below to understand what we may be seeing in 2022. With more and more people finally deciding to upgrade their long outdated TV displays, it’s no surprise that we’re going to predict that OLED TV deals are some of the best ever in 2022. LG are an experienced brand who understand the value of Black Friday, so expect some amazing deals from them in particular.

Should you buy an LG OLED TV this Black Friday?

All kinds of TVs have long been a highly sought-after purchase during Black Friday sales over the years. This is because they see some of the biggest discounts out of all kinds of tech, and who doesn’t love a massive saving? If you’ve been after a TV upgrade or replacement for a while now, Black Friday is the best time of year to do your shopping. LG OLED TV deals are now arriving, and this trusted and experienced brand is one of the top choices every single year.

So, if you’re on the fence about committed to a new purchase like this, we wholly recommend buying from LG if you want a brand-new TV with all the specs and features to keep you happy for a long time to come. There are surely going to be some amazing discounts on show through various retailers in 2022, just be sure to always return to this page in order to make the most of Black Friday LG OLED TV deals.

Are Black Friday LG OLED TV deals worth it?

In the majority of cases, yes. LG are a brand renowned for their high degree of quality, and are known for their cinematic OLED TV screen displays which boast ultra-high definition and fantastic depth of color. However, as we know, this can usually come with a steep price tag, so Black Friday offers a chance to get to get your hands on one of these high-end pieces of kit for a much lower price than normal, whilst not compromising on build quality or display.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday LG OLED TV deal

LG offers a wide selection of OLED TVs. And you can probably expect most of them to see discounts this year.

One of the biggest TVs to look out for will be the LG Z1, which offers stunning picture quality thanks to the LG signature technology behind it. As well as offering 8K resolution for the highest commercially available quality on the market.

Something else to consider is the size of your TV, although the bigger you get the pricier it’ll be. But to get a OLED TV , you’ll appreciate it far more the bigger the size. All you need to do is make sure you’ve got the space for it!

Pros: Extremely thin displays, with the best picture quality of any of the flat-panels. Low power requirements. Very wide viewing angle, contrast ratio of 1.000.000:1.

Cons: Very expensive. However, the prices are expected to drop as the technology matures.

Black Friday LG OLED TV FAQs

When do Black Friday LG OLED TV deals take place?

We’ve already been seeing some early deals arriving for these fantastic LG TVs. Black Friday itself is set for November 25th, but we’ll be seeing deals all the way until the end of November – and a few last minute leftovers in early December if you’re lucky.

What is the difference between OLED and QLED?

QLED TVs deliver a wider range of colors on screen and can achieve greater brightness levels in comparison to OLED TVs, which can be beneficial for HDR content and brighter rooms.

How long will an OLED TV last?

To ensure the longevity of your home entertainment setup, some companies have introduced this technology into all OLED TVs to help preserve image quality and address any risk of image retention (which may occur when consumers are using the technology out of normal viewing conditions – such as displaying a static image for an extended period). First, there is a Screen Saver feature that turns on automatically if the TV detects a static image on the screen for two minutes. Meaning you cannot accidentally damage your TV with screen burn and it’ll have a much higher longevity than older models.

Is OLED better for your eyes?

While we may all enjoy binge-watching our favorite series and settle on the sofa for a movie marathon, sometimes our eyes feel the strain from hours of TV viewing.

Making sure you are the right distance from your screen will help (which we’ll address) as will reducing interior lighting. Some companies have also helped to tackle the problem in its OLED TVs by suppressing visible flicker – very fast blinking on screen – which causes eye fatigue and headaches. LG OLED TVs – for example – have flicker-free certification from Underwriters Laboratories.

Should I buy an LG OLED TV this Black Friday?

If you’re interested in an LG OLED TV, it’s certainly worth your cash. Thanks to Black Friday, you’ll be able to secure a fantastic price with all the quality you need.

How long will Black Friday LG OLED TV deals last?

Deals will hang about over the weekend until stocks run low, but if you miss out, we expect there to be some more good ones on Cyber Monday. That’s November 28th – so check back with us then.

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