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Black Friday Minecraft Deals 2022

Minecraft is everywhere so now we look at all the Black Friday deals available to it

Updated: Oct 3, 2022 3:06 pm
Black Friday Minecraft Deals 2022

Looking to mine and craft, we bring you the best Black Friday Minecraft deals of 2022. As one of the most popular games, it comes in various forms and versions, so we look at everything you can find with the branding on it.

Spreading far and wider the game has reached far and wide so there is plenty to look forward to. So we gather up what you may find out there.

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Best Minecraft deals 2022

Although it’s not yet the big day, that doesn’t stop early deals from coming through. So if you’re wondering if you can be cheeky and pick up Minecraft deals cheaper earlier then this is the place to look. As with so much merch around for the brand, it means there are plenty of products for you to enjoy. So if that’s either the game, Lego, or other merchandise.

Where to find the best Minecraft Black Friday deals 2022

When it comes closer to Black Friday you may start to wonder where you can find the best deals for Minecraft. So to save you time we gather up the best places to find those deals. As although there are many places to find them, it comes down to just a few that offer the best options.

As our team of experienced and knowledgeable team knows their way around the sales we can find the best places to find these deals. So here is our shortlist of Minecraft sales.

Minecraft Black Friday sales shortlist

Last year’s Black Friday Minecraft deals

US US Deals
UK UK Deals
Canada Canada Deals
Worldwide Worldwide Deals

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition – PlayStation 4

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition – Xbox One [Digital Code]

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 – Nintendo Switch

43% off

Minecraft Java Edition PC

10% off

Minecraft Dungeons Xbox One

50% Off!

Geo – GeoBook 120 Minecraft Edition 12.5-inch HD Laptop – Intel Celeron Quad Core Processor – 4GB Memory – 64GB eMMC – Minecraft Green

$10 Off

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition – Xbox One

$11 Off

LEGO Minecraft The First Adventure 21169

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When will Minecraft Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Black Friday itself is on the 25th of November in 2022. So that’s when we can expect to see the majority of deals come out, especially in brick-and-mortar stones. However, online we have the luck of not having to go out and visit those. This does also give us the benefit of earlier Black Friday deals coming out.

So it would not be weird for some opportunities to come out earlier. Therefore we expect some Minecraft Black Friday sales to start at least a week earlier. Which is on the 18th of November.

How to get the best Minecraft Black Friday deals in 2022?

When it comes to searching around for the delas, there is a lot to go through. With so many retailers and products on sale, it can be a bit daunting looking for your next choice of the deal. So if you are out looking for Minecraft Black Friday deals, then there is a lot of offers to have to skim through to get to the one you want.

So when it comes to loking, be sure to know what you’re after. If it’s the game know which platform you want and which version. If that is the PC, Xbox or Switch, and Java or Bedrock its best to know. Then you also want to browse around for the best option for that choice, so so you want to look around our top retailers looking for your choice so you can get a set price. As well as keeping an eye out on early picks and any spot deals that may come around.

Features to consider when looking for Black Friday Minecraft deals

When it comes to picking out your next Minecraft Black Friday deal, then there are a few considerations that you will have to decide between. Firstly you want to consider what pick you want, such as whether are you looking for a version of the game or product. And then if it is the game, which version? As there are a lot of picks, running from the different consoles, and then versions like Java or Bedrock on PC, and then other games, like Dungeons.

Another factor is the pricing, and if you are getting the best price for what you’re looking at. If you are looking for a Lego set then there are many places to look at where to find the best pricing on it. So make sure to look around and find a good set that you will enjoy for a good price.

Black Friday Minecraft FAQs

Does Minecraft have Black Friday sales?

Yes Minecraft does have Black Friday sales. If the game itself won’t go down, many retailers will offer promotions on it. It will tend to offer sales in the shop as well if you have the Bedrock versions so be on the look out for good options.

Is Minecraft ever discounted?

Yes occasionally Minecraft will be on sale. Although maybe not directly many other retailers will offer better deals on the game than Microsoft may do.

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