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Save $20 on Nanoleaf Mini Triangles: Early Black Friday 2021 deals

Light up your room like a true gamer in these Nanoleaf Black Friday deals

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 1:23 pm
Black Friday NanoLeaf

Black Friday is here! Grab the best deals at Best Buy and Amazon and be sure to check out our Nanoleaf Mini Triangles Black Friday deals below.

Have you ever noticed those strangely shaped lights on your favourite streamer’s or YouTuber’s wall? Those light-up hexagons and triangles giving off a variety of different hue colors? Yeah, those things. Well, it turns out Nanoleaf is running a Black Friday sale, and they are offering a discount on their smallest shape model. It means you can finally try your own hands at the product with this Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangles Black Friday 2021 discount.

Save $20 on Nanoleaf Mini Triangles at Best Buy and Amazon

*Prices are subject to change

Nanoleaf Mini Triangles x10 Best Buy

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$20 off

The Nanoleaf mini triangles Black Friday deal features 10 individual mini triangle lights, which you can decorate your home with. There’s not been a better time to give them a try too. The set currently has a $20 discount, bringing the price down to $99.99, rather than their usual $119.99 price tag.  Amazon currently has them going for much cheaper, with even more deals than Best Buy, starting at $84.

While they are some of the coolest smart lighting technologies on the market, they do come with a hefty price point. Luckily for you, this discount makes it more appealing to get started and give it a go finally. Also, the Nanoleaf technology works in sync with the Razer Chroma app for you gamers out there, meaning you can sync up your razer products with the lights of your Razor mouse or keyboard. Say you’re launching Halo Infinite. Expect your Razer keyboard to sync to those lights if you have that option enabled. Your Nanoleaf light swill does that too, creating the ultimate gaming mood.

Even if you’re not a gamer, you can still create your own dynamic lighting. Think of it like the usual LED light strips that you mount around your room’s skirting boards. Instead of having them lap around your room, you can get shaped lights with a dynamic colour-changing hue. Alternatively, you can create other profiles and create a canvas or a rhythm aesthetic. 
If you find the smart lighting life isn’t for you, there’s good news. Best Buy is offering an extended return period up to January 16. If you’re not happy with them, at least you can say you tried.

Alternatively, you can head to the Nanoleaf website, which has the same deal, plus extra Nano items on sale if you want to go all in. For shoppers all over the world. These deals are live throughout the website, regardless of region. Head over to your nation’s Nanoleaf page and check out what deals are in your region. You might find a few competitors to the Phillips hue Black Friday deals.

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