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Black Friday RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti laptop deals 2022

Only the spiciest Black Friday RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti laptop deals

Updated: Sep 30, 2022 11:50 am
Black Friday RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti laptop deals 2022

These Black Friday RTX 3050 & 3050 Ti laptop deals are seeing huge discounts and savings – making them the perfect choice for you to upgrade your gaming laptop.

When NVIDIA released the RTX 30 series, gaming laptops saw a huge uptake in their frame-rate and performance – now, with these Black Friday RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti laptop deals, you can enjoy high-performance gaming on a budget too.

The RTX 3050 is the more budget option, whereas the RTX 3050 Ti packs a bit more of a punch – and a price. However, either option is great if you want to experience gaming without loosening the pursestrings too much.

With lower VRAM than other cards in the RTX 40-series, these laptop builds aren’t going to be the beefiest performers, however, for the prices these discounts will deposit them at – they’re still worth a look.

Best RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti deals 2022

We’re going to suggest a range of deals with varying RAM, CPUs, SSDs and the best gaming performance. Each laptop is equipped with either an RTX 3050 or RTX 3050 Ti, both GPUs that offer a commendable frame rate when gaming at 1080p. It’s unlikely that these laptops will perform at 4K, so if you’re looking for 4K laptop gaming check out these RTX 3070 laptops.

Where to find the best RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti laptop deals 2022?

We recommend that when you’re looking for a new RTX 3050 or RTX 3050 Ti laptop that you do your own market research. We encourage you to make an informed decision by having a look through all the different laptops available to you, and we’ve linked below all of our recommended laptop retailers:

If you’re not up for the challenge of sifting through all the deals and bargains thrown at you, there’s no harm in taking the easy route and listening to what some lovely people on the internet tell you – and that is that we have already done the hard work of diving through all the deals and we’ve collected all the best for you in one place.

Black Friday RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti deals

Black Friday has yet to spark any official deals, so we are only able to make predictions and guesses as to the type of deals that will be made available. As evidenced by previous Black Fridays, we know that laptop retailers love to throw huge bargains over their products. So, we can make educated guesses that this year will see huge Black Friday RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti deals.

More Deals Coming Soon!

When will Black Friday RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti deals start in 2022?

We know that the big day lands on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, so this year’s Black Friday lands on 25th November. Three days later, it’s Cyber Monday, on the 28th November.

We know that Black Friday deals like to populate different retailer’s sites weeks in advance – as early as late October and early November, so if you’re on the lookout for Black Friday RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti deals, now’s the time to start.

How to get the best Black Friday RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti deals in 2022?

As mentioned before, we recommend scrolling through our recommended retailers and observing different prices and deals to get the best idea of the market. We recommend spending no more than $900 on a RTX 3050 or RTX 3050 Ti, as you’re unlikely to squeeze more performance out of these cards at that price. If however, there is a laptop available that is normally above $900, and you see us post a great deal bringing it down to a normal price – we recommend you grab it.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday RTX 3050 or RTX 3050 Ti deal

You’ll want to prioritise a few key specs when shopping for a new laptop. If you grab a device well stocked with these hardware features, you’re likely in for a treat.

CPU: At the price range of an RTX 3050, you’re likely to be equipped with an Intel 11th Gen or Ryzen 6000 series CPU. While the Intel 11th Gen is technically trumped by the new Intel 12th Gen series – of which you can see deals here – Intel’s penultimate laptop processors are still capable of bumping out high frame rates in gaming, and churning out intensive video and image processing.

SSD: A Solid State Drive is one of the most important features in a gaming laptop. Often, laptops are met with a roadblock, and that’s that they never have enough physical memory. However, as M.2 NVMe technology improves, more and more storage can be stuffed into tiny SSDs. We are at a point where seeing 2TB SSDs is commonplace, so it’s not particularly difficult to find a laptop with a huge storage capacity for you to store all of your games on.

Memory: Intel’s 11th Gen series is limited to DDR4 memory, however that doesn’t suggest at all that it’s slow or inadequate. DDR4 has been the industry standard for years, and still is really. You will want to aim to get at least 12GB – any less and you might see your laptop begin to suffer against the test of time.

Black Friday RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti deals FAQs

Are RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti laptops good for gaming?

Yes, they are specially designed for gaming on a budget and allow most people who might have not been before to experience high resolution and consistent performance on their laptop rigs.

Can RTX 3050 & RTX 3050 Ti laptops perform at 4K?

It is unlikely that one of these laptops will be able to game at 4K due to the limitations of the GPU. 4K gaming, especially on a laptop, demands intensive performances from the CPU, GPU, and Memory, and whilst these laptops will beat up any 1080p games that you throw at it, 4K is still slightly out of reach for them.

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