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Black Friday Secretlab Magnus deals 2023

To match your comfy Secretlab chair we have the best Black Friday deals for the Magnus desk

Updated: Nov 2, 2023 5:03 pm
Black Friday Secretlab Magnus deals 2023

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Secretlab doesn’t just make chairs – their metal Magnus gaming desks are sure to be a hit this Black Friday, with Black Friday Secretlab Magnus deals offer real big discounts at this time of year. Having already made a name for itself in the gaming chair sphere – Secretlab is turning its expertise to metal gaming desks. Taking everything they’ve learned so far, and putting that style and function into the thing you’ll be sitting at for gaming and work sessions.

The Magnus desks were first revealed a couple of years ago – and are some of the newest products in the range. So while we probably won’t see as deep a discount as some of the chair bargains, there’s still sure to be a good discount worth grabbing on Black Friday. If the name wasn’t a clue – one of the Magnus’ key features is it uses magnets – which means it can be expanded and added to. The Magnus Pro model even has an electrical height adjustment system, meaning it can be used as both a sitting and standing desk.

Today’s best gaming desk deals 2023

Before we take a look at some of the more hand-picked deals below, we thought it would be a great idea to kick off with some excellent gaming desk deals for all brands and budgets. Pick up a new gaming desk for a discount price this Black Friday.

Black Friday Secretlab Magnus deals

While the discounts may be relatively modest – Secretlab is expected drop some of the prices on its Magnus desks ahead of Black Friday itself. Considering the stunning build quality and unique features of this desk, any discount is worth talking about. Here’s what we’ve found so far for 2023.

Save on Desk Mats

Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk

Where to find the best Secretlab Magnus Black Friday deals?

Like their chairs, Secretlab Magnus desks are currently only available exclusively through the Secretlabs website. While this does narrow your options, this direct-to-consumer route does mean the company is able to offer deep discounts. We’re hoping that’ll be even more true for Black Friday. We’ve put together a list of where to find them below for a range of regions.

Secretlab Magnus Black Friday sales shortlist:

What to look for in a Black Friday Secretlab Magnus deal

First and foremost, you want to make sure you’re getting your hands on official Secretlab merch. The gaming desk market is flooded with brands you may have not heard of before, with relatively few big gaming brands specializing in desks. Once you’ve got that out of the way, here’s what you need to know consider for the Magnus gaming desk.

Standard or Pro?

There are two models of the Magnus desk that Secretlab offers. Both of them include a full-length cable management tray, worth up to £89 thrown in. They both are also extendable height-wise, so you can use them in both sitting and standing configurations.

However, the Pro includes a built-in electrical socket – and also uses electric dual motors to adjust the height – meaning you don’t have to do it manually. It’s a little more expensive of course, but we can’t deny the cool factor.


As with the chairs, there are a few designs of the Magnus to choose from. It’s not quite as extensive – given the desks have only been around a year, but you can choose from a number of eSports teams and a swish-looking Dark Knight design based on Batman.


The standard Secretlab Magnus Metal desk only comes in one size – 1500mm long x 700mm wide.

However, the Magnus Pro can be obtained in that size – but also offers an XL option. This is a little larger, coming in at 1770mm long by 800m wide. Depending on what you’re intending to put on the desk (say you’re rocking a multi-monitor setup) – check which one you want and that you have room for before you buy.

Black Friday Secretlab Magnus FAQs

Is Secretlab Magnus worth it this Black Friday?

We think so. When we reviewed it earlier this year, we found the design simplistic but very, very effective. Its magnetic functionality is genuinely brilliant, allowing you to organize your cables like never before. For those of us with regularly messy desks, it may be just what you need to give your gaming setup that extra glow-up. It’s even got an optional RGB strip if that’s your thing.

How tall is the Secretlab Magnus?

By default, the Secretlab Magnus sits at 735mm for the standard model and 650mm for the Secretlab Magnus Pro. However, this can be adjusted in both instances – with the standard extendable by up to 20mm. The Pro model meanwhile can go up to a whopping 1250mm high.

What’s unique about Secretlab Magnus gaming desks?

Obviously, these desks are designed with gaming in mind. That means much more customization and adjustments available. It’s also important to know that they are designed to cater for multiple monitors too.

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