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Sonos Beam Black Friday deals 2023

The best Sonos Beam & Sonos Beam Shadow Edition deals for Black Friday 2021

Updated: Nov 8, 2023 4:11 pm
Sonos Beam Black Friday deals 2023

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Are you searching for a discounted Sonos Beam speaker this Black Friday? We’ve rounded up the very best Black Friday deals on the Sonos Beam out there, so read on for some killer savings that will let you upgrade your audio to a top-of-the-range item – for cheap.

The Sonos Beam is one of the very best soundbars, with fantastic sound thanks to its crisp definition and powerful yet precise volume. It’s perfect for music, gaming and movies, and has a beautiful sleek shape which slots nicely into any home entertainment set-up. Being a Sonos speaker, it naturally syncs up seamlessly with other Sonos speakers as part of a multi-room setup, creating your very own custom sound system. Plus, it’s a little cheaper compared to the bigger speakers in Sonos’ range like the Arc.

Black Friday is the best time of the year for some serious savings on tech equipment, and we’re expecting some big discounts on the Sonos Beam across major online retailers. Keep checking this page as we’ll be updating it with the hottest new deals – read on for our round-up of the best savings so far.

Today’s best soundbar deals 2023

With Black Friday deals still on the horizon, you might want to explore some other offers available now. If you can’t wait, these are more universal choices for the present. For personalized recommendations, continue scrolling further down to discover the latest options just in time for Black Friday.

Sonos Beam Black Friday deals

Here are the best Black Friday deals we’ve found so far on the Sonos Beam.

US US Deals
UK UK Deals
Canada Canada Deals

Two Room Set Sonos One SL – The Powerful Microphone-Free Speaker for Music and More – Black

Great Prices

Sonos – Beam Soundbar Deals

Save $40

Sonos – Geek Squad Certified Refurbished 2.0-Channel Soundbar – Black

Save $10

Sonos – Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Roam Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant – Shadow Black

Where to find the best Sonos Beam Black Friday deals?

This year is going to be one of the most competitive Black Fridays yet, with almost every tech and PC parts retailer posting Sonos Beam deals.

Searching the web for a good deal can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry! Our experienced deals team knows exactly what’s what when it comes to finding excellent Sones Beam deals.

Below we have listed some of the go-to places to grab yourself a great Sonos Beam deal this Black Friday 2023.

When will Sonos beam Black Friday sales start in 2023?

We’re still some time away from the official Black Friday sales event in 2023. This year’s Black Friday will officially land on November 24th, 2023.

Many deals have already started to appear early though, as companies try and get the jump on Black Friday 2023. This is due to the poor performance of Black Friday last year because of stock shortages. You may get a chance to snag a deal early if you look in the right places. But as always you run the risk of missing out on savings if you don’t wait until the official launch.

How to get the best Black Friday deals in 2023

In the run-up to every Black Friday, you might be asking yourself “how do you get the best Sonos Beam deals?”. It’s easy to understand why this is the case as Sound systems and soundbars alike can be incredibly expensive.

The average person won’t start looking for Black Friday deals until late October and maybe even well into early/mid-November. The trick is to start looking for deals early. Last year, stock ran low pretty early, resulting in a lot of disappointed shoppers. Thankfully, there’s no indication that stock will be a problem this year. So don’t worry too much about that.

We recommend bookmarking this page for an easy return, as we will be updating these pages regularly.

Features to consider when looking for the best Sonos Beam Black Friday deal

Here are some things to consider when shopping around for the best deals on a Sonos Beam system.

Dolby Atmos – no sound setting feels right without Dolby’s leading Aymos software, the integration of this software takes sound to another level. So make sure the Sonos system you choose comes with Dolby Atmos.

Alexa Voice control – Alexa is a great virtual assistant designed by Amazon, but did you know Alexa can live in your Sonos Beam? Gone are the days of tired Echo Dot speakers, giving Alexa the voice she deserves. All while controlling your Sonos Beam with your voice.

Trueplay – The Sonos Beam is designed for three-channel audio, but you can turn those three channels and make it sound like full surround sound. This is all thanks to the virtualization software component of the Sonos Beam, and its name is Trueplay.

Why buy a Sonos Beam this Black Friday?

This a fantastic piece of home audio kit that would make a very impressive gift, if you’re looking to splash out on a loved one this holiday season. Buying over the Black Friday weekend would save some major cash which you could spend on other festive essentials, which is important given the anxiety around spending at this time of year.

If you’re in the market for a Sonos Beam speaker for yourself, fair enough! They’re a great addition to any home entertainment system. The fantastic sound quality makes for a home cinema-type experience, especially when paired with a 4K TV screen. This provides a good reason to get family or friends over for a Christmas movie or gaming marathon as the nights draw in!

As always, the higher the original cost of an item in the Black Holiday sales, the bigger the savings to be made. This makes the cash saved on buying a high-end piece of kit like the Sonos Beam pretty hefty!

Is the Sonos Beam worth it?

This is a seriously swish piece of kit, and we think that if you’re in the market for a new soundbar, you needn’t look much further. Thanks to Dolby Atmos, the sound maps itself around you in 3D, making for a far more immersive experience than most sound bars on the market. You’ll be able to hear footsteps as if they were crossing the floor, planes flying overhead, and be immersed in the soundscapes you see on screen, from club crowds to desert landscapes. If you need greater clarity of dialogue during an action sequence, turn on Speech Enhancement to hear people speaking more clearly. There are tonnes more incredible, cutting-edge features, including the Night Sound function which reduces loud noises and enhances quiet ones for when you’ve got to keep the noise levels down.

Overall, we think it’s an incredible bit of audio tech which you’d be silly to miss out on!

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Black Friday Sonos Beam FAQs

Does Black Friday have good Sonos Beam deals?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both excellent times to pick up a deal on expensive tech items. Whether you’re looking for a CPU, a Kettle or a Sonos Beam, Black Friday has you covered. You’ll need to be fast to snag a deal though.

How long will Black Friday 2023 last?

Black Friday deals will end when Black Friday 2023 does, Black Friday runs usually over the course of a Friday – Monday. Black Friday is the name given to the day that retailers provide huge discounts on items in store.rnrnBot thanks to technology, everything is available online these days. Those products sold online get their own day, Cyber Monday.rnrnAll of this just kind of amalgamates into one weekend of deals.

Where can I find the best Black Friday Sonos Beam deals?

Right here! We’ll be updating this page with the latest Black Friday deals from sites like Amazon and Best Buy. Don’t fret – WePC have you covered.

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