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Black Friday Steelrising Deals 2022

Here's where to get the best Steelrising Black Friday deals.

Updated: Sep 30, 2022 2:56 pm

Steelrising is a cherry on top of this year’s Black Friday deals.

Yet another souls-like, but with a twist. More accessible than any other.

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Now, here is what we at WePC have prepared for you when it comes to Black Friday 2022. Enjoy!

Top Steelrising Black Friday Deals

Steelrising is an action RPG developed by Spiders. The developers are known for the games like The Technomancer, GreedFall, and more.

The game takes place in an alternative history of Paris. There are a lot of roots, and you are one of the m named Aegis who needs to help Maria Antoinette.

Steelrising Black Friday Deals

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Steelrising Gaming PC Black Friday Deals

Steelrising is a very dynamic game. It requires a lot of fluidity and precision. Some PCs might not provide that comfort of gameplay. It might be time for an upgrade and what better time than Black Friday?

It is the perfect time of the year for upgrading your rig. You might want to invest some money and get a monster, or go on the light route and just upgrade your PC to be able to run RTX games. Here is our list of some of the best gaming PC deals:

Where to Find the Best Steelrising Black Friday Deals

Steelrising deals can be found all around the internet as well as in local gaming stores. The best place to start is to go to the official digital stores. On PC you can look through Steam’s Black Friday sale, for the PS5 version check PS Store, and last but not least Xbox Black Friday sales are taking place in the Microsoft Store.

In addition to that, you can also look for physical copies of the game. To make that easier for you, we prepared a list of some of the biggest and best places that will feature tons of Black Friday deals.

Steelrising Black Friday Sales Shortlist

Why Buy Steelrising This Black Friday?

Steelrising is one of these unique souls-like games that change things up a bit. The overall presentation is very similar with dodges, varied weapons, cooldown mechanics, and Anima Essence (souls from Dark Souls or runes from Elden Ring).

Accessibility is where Steelrising stands out. The game is the most accessible souls-like due to its Assist Mode. You can adjust the damage your enemies do, how fast your stamina regenerates, not to lose Anima Essence upon death, and more! A perfect place to start for any new souls-like players.

When Will Steelrising Black Friday Sales Start?

Steelrising will be featured as a part of the Black Friday 2022 sale. The event officially starts on November 25, 2022.

It will be the first appearance of the game on Black Friday. Steelrising was released not so long ago on September 8, 2022.

Make sure to stay tuned throughout November, since some companies like to get a head start. Follow our lists and bookmark this article if you are interested in the latest Steelrising deals!

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Steelrising Black Friday Deals FAQs

Here are some Steelrising FAQs

Will Steelrising Have a Black Friday Sale?

Yes. Steelrising will be a major player during this year’s Black Friday sale.

Are Steelrising Deals Any Good?

Steelrising is a great entry point to the souls-like genre in general. A game worth checking out at a discount.

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