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Black Friday True wireless earbuds deals 2022

TWS can be expensive, so here's the best Black Friday true wireless earbuds deals for you this year

Updated: Sep 23, 2022 10:24 am
Best Black Friday True Wireless Earbud Deals

With our guide to the cheapest true wireless earbuds Black Friday deals, you’ll be sure to save a nice chunk of cash on what is one of the hottest gadgets around.

True wireless means genuine wire-free listening, free of any pesky wiring connecting the earbuds for a genuinely liberating audio experience thanks to the marvel of Bluetooth.

Popularized by the likes of Apple and its iconic AirPods, countless manufacturers have joined the fray, meaning the tech has reached a decent level of maturity and low enough pricing to make buying a set now a wise move.

Best Black Friday true wireless earbuds deals right now

Where to find the best Black Friday true wireless earbuds deals?

Luckily, TWS earbuds are a very popular product due to their low barrier to entry and unrivaled daily convenience. This means that you’ll have a very high number of websites to trawl through to find the best Black Friday true wireless earbuds deals. Here are our favorites for you to look through.

Last year’s Black Friday deals

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Editor’s pick

Galaxy Buds Pro, Phantom Black

hot deal
Save $100

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Buds2, And Wireless Charger Trio

hot deal
$50 off / $185 trade-in

Galaxy Watch4 Classic bundle with Samsung Buds2 earbuds

hot deal
Save $200

Galaxy Buds Pro, Phantom Violet

hot deal
$50 off/$100 trade-in

LG – TONE Free True Wireless Active Noise Cancellation Headphones

hot deal
Save $70

Sennheiser – CX 350BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones

hot deal
Save $50

When will Black Friday True Wireless earbuds deals begin?

Audio technology is priced very strangely, with costs going up and down like your dad’s blood pressure, you can never be sure when the Black Friday deals are going to start.

However, it would appear that prices are slowly beginning to fall already, they’ll probably get lower as Black Friday approaches, but it’s beginning to look good already.

How to get the best Black Friday true wireless earbuds deals?

Shop around. That’s the best way as it allows you to go back and forth between websites to see the stock levels and prices, which then makes the buying process quicker and easier.

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