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Save 25% on this Cordless Air Duster to keep your setup clean

Compressed air? Old news, get one of these instead.

Updated: Oct 29, 2021 2:01 pm
Save 25% on this Cordless Air Duster to keep your setup clean

It can be easy to build the best battle station you can, with the latest components, graphics card and monitor that just absolutely screams through any workload that you throw at it, but the general rule is that the more air being shifted around, likely what’s happening with your PC, the more dust accumulates. There’s no point in having the best setup ever, with all of the RGB bells and whistles if it ends up dusty, unloved and looking a little bit messy, but there is an alternative to the tried-and-true compressed air cans, which is a Cordless Air Duster, which happens to be on sale at Amazon right now for a limited time. With a discount of 25% in addition to having a rechargeable battery, you should be able to blast all of that dust away on your electronics with this handy little gadget.

Sporting a 6000mAH battery and an eye-watering running rate of 33000 RPM, you should be able to get in all of those nooks and crannies where dust has begun to accumulate on your PC and blast it away. It’s a given that if your PC is full of dust, then it could potentially start affecting your thermals inside. If you really decide to neglect it, then your components could also be blocked up by dust, which will directly affect your performance. It’s also just generally good practice to keep all of those dust filters clean on your PC, meaning that a once-over with a tool like this duster in conjunction with a good microfibre cloth should help you out with keeping your rig looking brand-new for even longer. It’s more economical to get a solution like this rather than traditional compressed air canisters, so it will save you cash in the long run if you are serious about keeping your very nice and expensive electronics clean, it’s also just great and handy to have around the house if you ever need to dust those hard-to-reach areas, so it can help there, too. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer and grab a pre-Black Friday deal.

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