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Cyber Monday Dell Monitor Deals 2022

We look over the best deals on Dell monitors for Cyber Monday 2022

Updated: Nov 10, 2022 3:53 pm
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If there’s anything more integral to using a PC than a keyboard and mouse, it’s a monitor. Without a monitor, you can’t see anything going on inside your PC, and without a decent one, your fancy graphics hardware is basically pointless. Dell has been making computer hardware for a fair few decades at this point. In that time, they’ve expanded their range of monitors to include high-end, high-cost luxury monitors, as well as everyday monitors for basic work tasks. If you’re hunting for a new monitor this Cyber Monday, you’d have to be crazy to pass up some of these amazing Dell monitor deals that we’ve found for you.

Where to buy Dell Monitors this Cyber Monday

If you want a good idea of Dell’s entire range of monitors, then you should check out the company’s own website first. While you can buy directly from them, Dell probably won’t be offering the best deals. Having said that, they may have some exclusive discounts or bundles that aren’t available elsewhere, so they’re certainly worth investigating. Failing that, you should stick to the usual suspects when it comes to Cyber Monday deals. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon are all safe bets when it comes to massive discounts on a few key Dell Monitors.

How much will Dell Monitors be on Cyber Monday?

If you’re looking for an entry-level monitor, you’d typically have to pay between $160 and $280, but can expect retailers to knock around $50-100 off, based on last year’s sales. For more advanced hardware, such as the Dell 27 4K UHD USB-C Monitor – S2722QC, prices do jump to around the $500 mark, but you’re more likely to find those discounts of $100 than you would no lower-end devices. If you want the best discounts, you should check out the high-end Alienware gaming monitors. These can be discounted by up to $300, at least if trends hold with last Cyber Monday.

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29% Off

Dell U3821DW UltraSharp Curved USB-C Hub Monitor – 37.52-inch WQHD (3840 x 1600) 60Hz 2300R Curvature Display – Silver

Dell U-Series 32-Inch 4K Monitor (U3219Q)

Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX 27-Inch WQHD 1440p IPS

Alienware AW3420DW 34 Inch WQHD (3440 x 1440) 21:9 Gaming Monitor

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What to look for in a Cyber Monday Dell Monitor

When buying a Dell monitor, as with any monitor, there are various things you need to take into account. Different features have different priorities, depending on the person. As a result before buying a new Dell monitor this Cyber Monday, we advise you to go through each of the below specifications for the monitors you are considering to see if they are right for you.

Below is a list of all the features that are likely to affect your overall user experience with any monitor, Dell or otherwise, most of which will also impact the price:

  • Bezels
  • Stand
  • Screen Size
  • Refresh Rate
  • Resolution
  • Curved or Flat Screen?

Make sure you look at offers for the other monitor brands available this Cyber Monday to ensure you pick the best option for you.

How We Choose The Best Cyber Monday Dell Monitor Deals

Like many people, if you’re not up-to-date with the latest monitors on the market and are short on time, then finding the best Dell monitor deal this Cyber Monday could be tricky. Never fear though, for WePC is here to do all of the hard work for you! Over the course of November we will be scrutinising each deal closely, applying our expert knowledge of gaming hardware to determine which deals are worthwhile and which are less so. We will be looking through each deal once they are live from each supplier to keep our pages updated with the cream of the crop, and even anticipating where we think the best deals will come from ahead of time throughout November. Each of our recommendations for Dell monitors this Cyber Monday considers the quality and performance of the monitor against the size of the discount, and ultimately the overall value for money compared to competing offers.

Where To Find The Best Cyber Monday Dell Monitor Deals

In 2022 every retailer worth their salt will be giving Cyber Monday discounts on gaming monitors, including Dell monitors, to try and secure your custom. All told this is of course great news for anyone on the market for monitors or computer hardware in general, nevertheless, there is one downside: the enormous time you can sink into going through all the deals to find the best one possible! Do not fret however friend, salvation is at hand! WePC has put our blood, sweat and tears into finding you the best deals for Cyber Monday 2022, listing them all in one place for your convenience.

Below is a short list of the biggest retailers we will be using to find the greatest discounts available this Cyber Monday for Dell monitors and beyond.

Amazon: The heavyweight for Cyber Monday offers in 2022, as with previous years, is Amazon. Amazon is a definite contender for offering the best Cyber Monday deals on Dell monitors this year, and we will be gathering together the best of them just for you.

Newegg: The other big hitter we will be keeping a close eye on this November is Newegg, and we definitely expect some offers to appear from them on the wide range of Dell monitors. WePC will bring you all the latest Newegg deals on Dell monitors this Cyber Monday as they appear.

Walmart: Though not as big a name in the online space as Amazon or Newegg, the major US retailer still often has some scintillating deals over the Cyber Monday period, and should not be discounted. We will be bringing the very best Walmart deals on Dell Monitors to you right here, throughout the month of November.

Best Buy: Last but not least, Best Buy is another retailer potentially offering discounts this Cyber Monday. We will be looking through each and every page to bring you the best Dell monitor deals available.

When To Buy An Dell Monitor During Cyber Monday?

The big question we get asked every year is “When should I buy a gaming monitor during Cyber Monday?” In previous years we have said that the best strategy would be to wait until Cyber Monday itself and the days immediately following to get the best possible bargain on any Dell monitor. This year, however, with stockists competing with each other to be first in the marketplace with offering the best deals, this is no longer the case.

We have seen deals for Cyber Monday 2022 coming live as soon as November 5th, so the choice of when to buy no longer has an easy answer. All in all a decision has to be made as to whether you’re willing to risk losing out on the deals currently available to wait for a better one down the line, which may or may not come. This is a personal choice, but ultimately, I would recommend just going ahead with any good deal you find for a Dell monitor as soon as you see it this November, safe with the knowledge you have secured a sizable discount whatever happens.

Cyber Monday Dell Monitor FAQs

Are dell monitors any good?

Yes. Gone are the days when Dell was a boring, enterprise-outfitting computer company, now they make some of the best peripherals, including monitors

Will Dell monitors be discounted on Cyber Monday

Yes. Much like the other big players in teh PC tech space, Dell will be eager to get a slice of the Holiday sales period consumerism.

Final Thoughts

So this has been our shortlist for the best Cyber Monday Dell monitor deals on the market. You can expect this page and all of our other Best Deal pages to be constantly updated with the latest offers, so make sure you keep an eye out for the best deals for you. The earliest offers we have found are already up on the page. Do keep us informed of which Dell monitor deals you are keeping an eye out for this year and we will make sure we find the best offers for you.

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