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Cyber Monday Minecraft deals 2022

We've gathered all the Minecraft Cyber Monday deals in one place, for you.

Updated: Nov 10, 2022 3:23 pm
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Minecraft has been one of the most successful video game products of the past two decades. Since it launched back in 2010, it has become a global phenomenon, taking over everything from bookshelves, to toy isles. If you’ve somehow not come across Minecraft yet, then you’ve clearly been living the life of a hermit.

Whether you’ve got kids at home, or just enjoy the game yourself, there are plenty of opportunities to get loaded up on MC merch these days. During Cyber Monday 2022, you should check out some of these deals that we’ve found for you on the hottest Minecraft merch around.

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Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition – PlayStation 4

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition – Xbox One [Digital Code]

Jay Franco Minecraft Creeper 3 Piece Sleepover Set

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 – Nintendo Switch

43% off

Minecraft Java Edition PC

10% off

Minecraft Dungeons Xbox One

50% Off!

Geo – GeoBook 120 Minecraft Edition 12.5-inch HD Laptop – Intel Celeron Quad Core Processor – 4GB Memory – 64GB eMMC – Minecraft Green

$10 Off

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition – Xbox One

$11 Off

LEGO Minecraft The First Adventure 21169

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Where to buy Minecraft Products on Cyber Monday 2022

Whether you’re hunting for Minecraft lego or even copies of the game itself, one of the best places to look is Amazon. The world’s biggest e-commerce site has a lot of stock, and due to being so large, can offer huge discounts during Cyber Monday.

Big box stores also have similar deals, offering deep discounts on Minecraft merch from toys to plushies. Don’t forget to check out the official Minecraft website as well. Not too many people know what you can order Minecraft merch directly from Mojang itself with exclusive offers and discounts.

How much will Minecraft Merch be on Cyber Monday 2022?

There’s a huge array of merch and game products related to Minecraft available on Cyber Monday, so prices can vary widely. Retailers have discounted the actual game itself by up to 40% across its various versions.

If you’re in the mood for Minecraft Dungeons, then the discount shoots up to 86%. For merch like shirts and the like, discounts have tended to be in the 25% area across the board, but occasionally the official website does do a flash sale that can see discounts shoot up to nearly 90%. Keep an eye out if you want to snag something at an extra-low price.

Minecraft Dungeons Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Of course these days we have a couple of Minecraft spinoffs, including the hugely popular Minecraft Dungeons. We will include any deals to this title right on this very page too.

There are also plenty of game retailers that offer even bigger, better discounts on Cyber Monday. We especially recommend Green Man Gaming which has discounts throughout the year, as well as even bigger discounts throughout Black Friday Weekend.

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Final Thoughts

Minecraft is a great game to get the kids on any format, be it PC. Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation. You’ll find all the best deals on the franchise on this page as they appear.

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WePC is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more