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HP Omen & Pavilion gaming PC Amazon Prime Early Access deals

HP desktop sales now live

Updated: Oct 11, 2022 2:45 pm
Prime Early Access Sale HP Omen Deals

During the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, we have seen quite a few prebuilt gaming computers receive tasty discounts and it looks as though some HP PCs are getting the same treatment.

Select HP Omen and HP Pavillion desktops are currently reduced, giving you or a loved one a gaming system on the cheap.

HP Omen is the brand’s premium line of gaming PCs, generally shipping with higher-end overall components and large 25L, 30L, & 45L cases.

HP Pavilion is a small, compact gaming PC, designed to fit on any desk or in any space with solid GPUs inside for all your gaming needs.

Best HP Omen & HP deals

Hewlett-Packard, more commonly known as HP may not offer the same level of quality as your local custom builders but they are a brand with an extensive history when it comes to computing.

HP Omen and Pavilion gaming PCs offer decent specifications for gaming, with some of the latest hardware inside.

Depending on your gaming needs, you can pick up an HP gaming PC tailored specifically for that. Below are the best HP Omen and HP Pavilion deals for a variety of budgets.

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Should I buy an HP Omen or HP Pavilion desktop during the Prime Early Access Sale?

HP Omen and HP Pavilion gaming computers are only ever recommended when on sale. These may not offer the same level of quality in terms of components when compared to other system builders, however, HP deals are often better than their competitors.

This gives these systems a bit of value. HP Omens tend to feature Intel 11th/ 12th gen processors and powerful RTX 30 series GPUs.

HP Pavilion desktops are generally a bit more affordable with them tending to feature GPUs as powerful as the RTX 3070 and below.

If you need a gaming PC and you are on a strict budget, compromises often follow no matter what. It could be a good idea to continue saving and look for alternatives, however, if you can’t, these HP deals will still serve you well enough.

Black Friday is now around the corner also, a time of year we always see more HP gaming PCs on sale. We think the deals could be similar, however, there may be more choices come Black Friday.

HP Omen & HP Pavilion features

  • HP OMEN Processors: Often feature more cores/ threads
  • HP Pavilion Processors: Tend to be more affordable SKUs
  • HP Omen Memory: Usually 16GB and up
  • HP Pavilion Memory: Usually 8-16GB
  • HP Omen GPU: Tends to be the most recent generation from Nvidia & AMD
  • HP Pavilion GPU: Tends to be more affordable models from past and current generations of cards.

The HP Omens’ primary feature is performance. These desktops are designed to give you a solid gaming experience for the money.

HP Pavilion desktops are less known for their performance but some models are still highly capable. Of course, the Pavilion is ideal for those with limited space but the smaller chassis means these tend to run hotter than the HP Omen PCs.

HP Omen & HP Pavilion Prime Early Access FAQs

Is an HP Omen gaming PC worth buying?

Overall, there is nothing inherently wrong with an HP Omen gaming PC. the main issue comes from the fact you will struggle to upgrade these as easily as you would from a custom manufacturer.

Is an HP Pavilion gaming PC worth buying?

You can get a lot out of an HP Pavilion gaming PC, however, the main issue is the old case and OEM components. You will not be able to upgrade the internal components one of these ages, so keep that in mind.

WePC is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more