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Save 40% on a Fitbit Inspire 2 for a limited time

Save a bundle on this smart health tracker

Updated: Nov 9, 2021 11:15 am
Fitbit Inspire 2

Wearable technology is all the rage, and one of the foremost brands participating in this particular arena is Fitbit, primarily a health tracker, the Fitbit has been synonymous with health-conscious people looking to get a better gauge of their health and fitness with a lightweight watch that is able to monitor a multitude of your bodily functions, while also having excellent battery life in addition to some resistance to the elements making it suitable to take to the gym or to take out on a run, with its strong battery life touting around 10 days without having to go on charge, you can trust the Fitbit Inspire 2 to be one of those devices that you set and forget, rather than having to charge yet another device constantly.

Coming in several different colourways, 40% off is likely one of the best deals on a Fitbit that you will be lucky enough to find on this side of Black Friday, though this is a pretty basic smartwatch, so if you were looking for additional features in addition to the purely health-focused ones, you will be wanting to look for something a little more feature-rich, such as an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch. This doesn’t mean that the Fitbit isn’t excellent, it absolutely is, but it is purely focussed on health and fitness as its name implies. It will also happily buzz along whenever you have the notifications turned on, marking out whenever you’ve walked enough steps, burned enough calories, or if your heart rate is spiking upwards. It’s a marvel that so much tech can be crammed into such a small size, so don’t miss out if you’re after a Fitbit, and be sure to move quickly as we don’t expect that these will stay in stock for too long at all.

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