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Last minute LG TV deals

Come take a look at our collection of the best last minute LG TV deals

Updated: Dec 9, 2022 11:04 am
Last minute LG TV deals

We’ve been rounding up the very best last minute LG TV deals as 2022 comes to a close. Now that we’ve made it to the end of the year, past all the Cyber Week deals, it’s time to see what’s in store just before Christmas this month.

December has been seeing some amazing deals already, so it’s time to jump onto these last minute deals while they still last. Amazon last minute Christmas deals and Best Buy’s 20 days of deals (in addition to the 3-day sale) are both taking place right now. LG are you brand you can trust, and their wide range of TVs, including high-end OLEDs, are definitely worth buying up.

Top 3 best last minute LG TV deals in December

Here are the best last minute LG TV deals this month. We’ve looked through some the biggest retailers online to hand-pick from.

Is it worth buying an LG TV in December?

We have no doubt in our mind that December is a great time to be buying a new LG TV. If you’re had your eye on a brand-new model this year, the end of year sales are the place to be to ensure you pick up a premium display to take you into next year. These last minute LG TV deals are looking at their best, with some of the cheapest prices on these TVs we’ve ever seen.

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdated TV – or even surprise the whole family with a mega gift this Christmas, you’ll want to pick up one of these LG TVs as soon as you can. It’s the last month of the year, and your last chance to grab an LG TV deal while they last.

Where to find the best LG TV deals in December 2022?

So, where exactly can you expect to find some great last minute LG TV deals this year? Well, you can start right here on this page by having a browse through the deals we’re showcasing. Our goal is it save you as much time as possible by pointing you in the right direction. Last minute means just that, so you can’t be wasting any more time as the countdown to Christmas grows closer and closer.

We tend to showcase the best deals from Amazon and Best Buy. These two big retailers have been pushing last minute deals massively, so it’s definitely worth your time to check them out, for all kinds of budgets.

Should I buy an LG TV?

If you’re struggling to settle on a brand of TV this Christmas, we can fully recommend LG. They’ve been developing and pushing the boundaries of TV technology for many years now. You’ll be able to find a bunch of top OLED displays from them – perfect for low-latency, high refresh rate (120Hz) gaming. This doesn’t compromise on the elite viewing experience either, which you can enjoy too.

Likewise, you’ll see some beautiful Mini-LED displays in their range, as well as standard LED screens for those working with more of a limited budget. It’s the time of year for spending, so grab one of these last minute LG TV deals before it’s too late.

Last minute LG TV FAQs

How long will last minute LG TV deals last?

There’s no time to waste when to comes to last minute deals. It’s in the name after all. Many last minute deals will be ending just before Christmas. Amazon’s last minute Christmas deals end on December 22nd for example.

Are LG TVs good quality?

Yes, without a doubt. This is a brand which has been pushing TV technology higher and higher every year. They are particularly well known for their fantastic OLED displays, but you can expect high quality in every single TV.

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