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Save $60 on the perfect Nintendo Switch MicroSD for Christmas 2021

Power up your Switch with this offer

Updated: Dec 16, 2021 4:19 pm
Save $60 on the perfect Nintendo Switch MicroSD for Christmas 2021

So, you or a loved one has loved and enjoyed their Nintendo Switch for years now, but they keep running into one recurring issue. They keep running out of storage after purchasing too many games from the Nintendo Switch eShop. We get it. There are loads on there to play, from recently released titles to brand-new games that you’ll want to play. It can be pretty frustrating to want to play a game you own, only to discover that you just don’t have enough space, because of the paltry amount of included flash storage on the Nintendo Switch itself. Therefore, a special Nintendo Switch MicroSD card might be the right answer for you or the gamer in your life to play around with.

You can purchase the Sandisk 256GB MicroSD Card for Nintendo Switch here.

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This particular MicroSD card is additionally adorned with a Star from the Super Mario franchise, which is definitely a nice welcome change by comparison to the rest of the market, which is lumbered by comparatively boring all-black MicroSD cards. Since this deal is a Best Buy deal of the day, you will also be able to choose between a few free gifts, to boot. $25 to spend at Shutterfly, or an 8×8 photobook, in addition to 200 My Nintendo Points, which are super useful for saving up to get savings on a handful of brand-new Nintendo Switch titles or otherwise. In addition to all this, you will also be able to attain oodles of storage for the Nintendo Switch, which is essential if you are choosing to download digital titles instead of simply buying the games to take your entire library with you, meaning that you won’t have to swap around or potentially lose those game cartridges.

$60 off, Sandisk 256GB MicroSD Card for Nintendo Switch at Best Buy

Those included game cartridges taste terrible, by the way. If you have a Nintendo Switch game and lick the cartridge, it’s literally coated to taste bad to deter children from swallowing them. I’m sure the MicroSD card tastes better, but we don’t recommend doing this. For legal reasons. Buy a MicroSD card. The deal ends in like 12 hours. In fact, ignore the whole cartridge licking thing, pretend we didn’t say it. This cute SD card is a good gift, honest but it probably doesn’t taste as bad as a Nintendo Switch cart, but, that’s not the point, get the cute SD card. But, don’t eat it. That’s probably going to be pretty bad for you.

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