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Oculus Quest 2 Price Drop
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The Best Oculus Quest 2 Deals! Oculus Quest 2 Price Drop!

To coincide with Gamescom, Oculus have announced a big price drop for the 128GB version of their Oculus Quest 2. The self-contained VR headset comes in various different versions, and the 128GB version is now selling for $299 on several different retailers.

$299 was previously the price of the less powerful 64GB version – but now the Oculus Quest 2 128GB is available for the same! Read below to see which retailers are stocking it.

What Is The Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 is the smaller, self-contained version of the Oculus Rift. Whereas the Oculus Rift is designed to be plugged into your computer and relies upon your desktop (or laptop’s) graphics power, the Oculus Quest 2 is self powered – containing a a Snapdragon 835 mobile processor.

The battery life of the Oculus Quest 2 can stretch to over two hours, and it has a 72Hz display.

Oculus Quest 2 Deals - Where To Buy Oculus Quest 2 128GB For Cheap!

The following retailers are experiencing a price drop for the Oculus Quest 2 128 GB. Currently we’ve only seen this deal apply to the US, but as soon as we see additional ones we’ll update this page accordingly.

Amazon – Oculus Quest 2 (128GB) $299

Best Buy – Oculus Quest 2 (128GB) $299

GameStop – Oculus Quest 2 (128GB) $299

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