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Save 48% on the Samsung A650 soundbar

Save $192 on the Samsung A650 soundbar

Updated: Nov 9, 2021 11:15 am
Save 48% on the Samsung A650 soundbar

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It’s no secret that TVs have generally awful sound quality with their built-in speakers. as TVs get progressively thinner there’s less and less room for audio, combine that with the fact that TV speakers face away from the viewer, it’s not an optimal audio experience. The easiest way to upgrade your listening experience is with a soundbar, and we’ve been keeping an eye on soundbar deals and come up with a diamond in the rough, the Samsung A650.

Soundbars deliver surprisingly good audio given their diminutive size and are generally far less invasive visually speaking than a seat of bookshelf speakers or other such premium audio equipment, they slot quietly under your TV, and if you get one with a subwoofer, like the A650, you simply hide the subwoofer wherever you please.

Soundbar deals – The Samsung A650

The A650 is a fully-featured audio solution, with a few choice additions that make it ideal for films and TV shows. it’s a 7.1 format, meaning seven speakers and one subwoofer. 2.1 is the standard and the A650 has a specifically designed center-channel speaker for enhanced dialog. This sort of capability is pretty rare when it comes to soundbar deals, so we’ve been lucky to catch it at 48% off. The A650 also features presets for different entertainment applications: music, gaming, sports, and movies/TV. Additionally, it features Bluetooth, so you can connect your device of choice to it to blast tunes and liven up the party.

Setup for the A650 is easy too, just connect via Bluetooth or HDMI and you’re done, it also comes with a wall-mount if you want to make it the centerpiece of your entertainment setup.

If this deal has got you thirsty for more tech deals, we are working hard to prep for the Black Friday sales period, so stick around and snag yourself a bargain.

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