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Save 33% on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Buds, Pods, Beans. Regardless of what they're called, save now on an excellent limited-time offer on Amazon.

Updated: Mar 14, 2022 1:49 pm
Galaxy Buds Plus

The arena of True Wireless Earbuds is heating up, and with almost every brand throwing their hat in the ring to make their own version of a wireless audio solution, since intentionally dropping a headphone jack from their own mobile phones and other devices, there’s more consumer demand than ever. In 2020, the value of Apple’s AirPods business was over $6 Billion USD, so it makes sense that competitors are going to crop up to attempt to topple Apple’s throne made up of disposable, non-user repairable earbuds. This is where the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus come in. With an RRP of $149.99, they’ve now been discounted at the time of writing all the way down to just under $100.

Sporting compatibility with both iOS and Android, you’ll not be left for won’t with connecting these to your devices, nor does it appear that you’ll run out of battery easily, with up to 11 hours of battery life on the Galaxy Buds Plus on a single charge. This is pretty impressive as once they’re nearing depletion, you can just pop them in the battery case and get 11 hours more battery life. Equipped with sound tuned by AKG, you know that you’ll be getting a decent pair of Earbuds that both sound great, last a long time and also undercut their fruity competitors. You can also control the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus over on the bud itself, and even customise their functions to your choosing in addition to being able to play, pause, skip tracks and receive calls. So, what are you waiting for? They don’t break the bank, supposedly sound great and are currently on offer for a discounted price that you likely will not see until Black Friday again, meaning that you will be able to save a pretty penny and get a great audio experience, regardless of whatever device you choose to use them with.

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