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Save 35% on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A in this fantastic deal

Journey to galaxies beyond with this astronomical offer.

Updated: Nov 9, 2021 11:19 am
Samsung Galaxy Tab A

If you’re after a tablet, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Remember the rush for everyone to suddenly go out and buy tablets? Now, the market has settled a fair amount, meaning that some manufactures have clearly pulled ahead, some have stopped making tablets altogether, and overall the product segment is more splintered than ever. Today’s deal features the humble Samsung Galaxy Tab A, an entry-level Android tablet that would be great for multimedia usage, thanks to its relatively small 8-inch screen in addition to the expandable storage, meaning that if you’re wanting to backup movies or TV shows, you could easily transfer them over and then play them using an app such as VLC media player, which will also allow you to easily cast the content over to smart devices, too. There is something to be desired with the design of the tablet itself, which does not scream high-end but instead a purely utilitarian look with CMF unibody aluminum.

So, the tablet can double as a portable media consumption device, or a very, very snazzy remote control for your own personal media servers, which is how we actually apply a cheaper Android tablet around the house. It’s not going to be rendering out 4K videos at blisteringly fast speeds, but it’s not sluggish unlike Amazon’s own offering of Fire tablets. A strength of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the freedom of using Android over iOS also means that you will be able to use XCloud on there to stream out your Xbox library, which works a treat if you have a good enough internet connection. The same goes for gaming emulators on Android, they’re very simple to set up and don’t require much setup at all, meaning that this tablet could be perfect for it and you’ll get adequate performance back for a super-low price, which we think is an absolute steal.

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