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Save 23% on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 for a limited time

Grab a deal on a brand-new smartwatch before Black Friday

Updated: Nov 9, 2021 11:17 am
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The realm of smartwatches has been fraught with competition over the past six years, ever since the Apple Watch debuted, however, one of the strongest competitors to Apple has always been Samsung, who have also developed a quality smartwatch line of their own designed to compete with the feature-packed Apple Watch. Sporting a more traditional design, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 runs on something named Tizen, which is a universal OS that you might also find on Samsung’s other devices, such as their range of Smart TVs.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that we’re looking at sports a wider 45mm watch face, so be sure to measure out your wrist to ensure that it’s a good fit for you. Other than that, it comes sporting a smart-looking strap and is equipped with all of the customization and fitness options that you can shake a stick at. This is one of the better deals that we’re likely to see on this side of Black Friday, so if you’re looking for something ahead of time, this watch is likely to slake your thirst to spend money on a cool, new gadget.

With a black finish, it’s not going to stand out and the design leaves something to be desired by comparison to Apple‘s flagship watch, however, this is still an extremely good competitor that you should definitely consider, especially with 23% off of the price at the time of writing. In addition to this, other colors are also on offer at Amazon, but with a less severe price cut, but the saving should be uniform across all of these lines, meaning that you should be able to save a bundle while still buying an extremely high-end, competitive device that will suit all of your needs. Samsung also allows for parts of this device to be customized, meaning that if you don’t like the strap, you should be able to easily find one on the aftermarket without running into too much hassle, so it’s a fantastic option for android-users that are looking for something that integrates into their OS if you have a Samsung phone, then this integration will be even deeper, and with Samsung still retaining the lion’s share of the Android market, it’s likely that you do, making the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 one of the best options to choose for a smartwatch for a companion to an Android phone. If you’re on iOS, however, it’s still probably best to stick to an Apple Watch, instead.

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