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Save $160 or more with this Galaxy Z Flip4 deal

There's plenty of cash to save on with this Galaxy Z Flip4 phone

Updated: Dec 19, 2022 8:59 am
samsung galaxy z flip4

The Samsung holiday savings event has provided us with many great deals this December, including a great discount on the Galaxy Z Flip4 phone. If you’ve been looking for a new phone in time for Christmas, it’s a good idea to check out what Samsung can offer you right now. Their range of Galaxy phones are massively popular, and the Flip4 is a great last minute purchase if you fancy something a little unique.

Samsung are famous across the world, and the Korean electronics giant should be a familiar name to many. The Flip4 may not be as familiar though, if you’ve only acquainted yourself with the likes of the Samsung S22. The Flip4 comes with an interesting folding screen which allows for additional versatility you can’t get from most phones. Samsung’s Fold4 provides much of the same too!

Galaxy Z Flip4 deal now live at Samsung

So, let’s get right into this fantastic deal before it’s too late. Samsung also run a massive trade-in scheme which allows you to save way more than just the deal itself. Just select the ‘yes, trade-in’ option on the store page and work your way through the nice and easy trade-in process.

If you don’t have an old device to make use of the trade-in option, you can also save an additional $100 by choosing a selected carrier – Verizon and T-Mobile in this case. Samsung are really pulling out all the stops during the holiday season.

Does the Galaxy Z Flip4 deal offer good value?

As you can see from the range of purchase options you have available to you, there is so much good value on offer right here. We’ve been impressed by the amount of flexibility Samsung lends you when buying directly from their store. They have to out-do popular retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, after all. Speaking of flexibility, the Flip4 is a great piece of tech (of course, this deal isn’t exclusively about the price tag).

The Galaxy Z Flip4 comes with the speedy Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor, with 8GB of RAM to ensure a smooth experience. There are a range of storage options too, with up to 512GB space available on this particular model.

Is the Galaxy Z Flip4 worth getting?

We think that the Galaxy Z Flip4 is well worth getting this December. A brand-new phone to take you into the new year is a great feeling. You could also consider the gift route if you’re looking for something particularly special for a Christmas present right now.

With all the choices you have when buying from Samsung, you can bag yourself an amazing bargain. Have an old phone, tablet, or watch in great condition you want to trade-in? This is the perfect time and place to save the most money possible – Samsung accept devices from a range of brands!

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